A superb new graphic memoir in which an inspired artist/storyteller reveals the road that brought his family to where they are today: Vietnamerica GB Tran is a. 3 May GB Tran’s graphic memoir, Vietnamerica: A Family’s Journey (), is a tale of war, dislocation and migration, which places the disrupted. Tran, GB. (). Vietnamerica: A Family’s Journey. New York, NY: Villard. pp. Satrapi’s Persepolis (), GB Tran chose the graphic form to illustrate.

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Through his interviews, G. Part of the delay was due to the type of fonts Tran uses.

I also got a little confused with the switching between the 2 family histories and the transitions between time periods and it took some time to figure out the family tree and how everyone was connected since there was remarrying, kids out of wedlock, step-kids and parents, etc. Tran himself comes off in his younger days as apathetic and neglectful, caring little for whatever lives his parents might have had before they become the monolithic individuals he seems to see them as while he is growing up.

I do not know how many times I have found graphic novels to be phenomenal partly by having tean best illustrations. Also, because there were so many characters, I didn’t feel connected to any one person at all.

Some of the framing vietnamercia the story is Tran’s trips back to Vietnam as the only member of his family born in amerika. Throughout the visit he meets new family members who recount their experiences leading to the war and thereafter.

GB learns that his parents had taken harrowing flight from Saigon during the final hours of the war not because they thought America was better but because they were afraid of what would happen if they stayed. Chapter 7 Preview Chapter.

Sep 02, Matthew rated it it was amazing Shelves: The war uprooted family, as his uncle fought for the South against his grandfather who sided with the North.

Chapter 8 Preview Chapter.

Jul 22, Kien Lam rated it it was amazing. Title Star-Rating Genre Publisher. It got pulled back out when and packed with books I was bringing on the move to Vietnam I pretty much grabbed up all of the Vietnam-related books I had in the massive to-be-read pile, which amounted to, well, several. Perspective Nicki Minaj and a stack of pancakes?


Vietnamerica :: Review — GOOD ok bad

His father, in the end, is so much more than the broad stereotype he seems to inhabit and Tran’s investigation into the man’s inner character in part aided by his mother’s narration reveals, like the father suggests to the author earlier, that a one-sided perspective is inadequate for discovering who people are and what moves them.

Feb 19, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: Other than some confusion about whom is whom, the art is quite effective and I enjoyed the author’s style. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Viietnamerica parents, they simply thought that they were going to flee for about a year to let the new government get settled and moved back into their old home but in the end they never went back and it took two decades before his parents could visit Vietnam. It’s difficult to pin trxn this book and say it is a memoir, political metaphor, or historical piece. Want to Read saving…. Heartbreaking vuetnamerica, sure, but revelation like this, if it doesn’t sour us completely on the human animal, can build us into the beautiful people we might be.

I though the illustrations were outstanding, but the layout and the story often made it difficult to follow what was happening. Each of these vietnakerica shifts had rippling effects on the lives of his grandparents and their children, whether they were rebels or schoolteachers.

With Vietnamerica Tran continues to work to his strengths and the book has so many wonderful pages that any number are noteworthy representations of what a great creator can do with a page.

His father is gruff and unrelenting, stoical and stereotypically demanding. Chapter 2 Preview Chapter. Certainly the Tran who wrote Viethamerica is a more careful human being than the Tran that vvietnamerica on the page. It will likely not have the same effect on you, though it might.


Vietnamerica is an unforgettable story of family revelation and reconnection—and a new graphic-memoir classic. Yeah, I’d probably get arrested for teaching that now. But as I’ve become older, I am filled with a lot of a regret to that end. The story of the structure itself is a little choppy and it’s difficult to follow, at times.


Beyond just the reading, Vietnamerica is a joy to page through. I visited Cuba when I was little and I haven’t returned since and not because I do not care for my family but I do not like to visit a place that feels like a 3rd world country, where food is scarce, and then knowing at the end of the day that I am returning somewhere that looks like paradise while they continue to suffer.

Vietnamerica by GB Tran |

This, Trsn can relate to, in some smaller degree. With the Vietnamese experience the same situations but lack of medical care, free speech, thrown into labor camps and suffer countless death because intellectuals were a danger to society and the craziness of being gn for a peaceful government under communist rule.

I honestly believe if you have the best graphics then you already won half the battle for the reader. It was only in his late twenties that GB began to learn their extraordinary story. The story must be told.

I never really knew my maternal grandfather as I would have liked, and only got to know my maternal grandmother when we lived with her for a year vietnxmericawhen my dad was in cross-training and we couldn’t live where he was at the time though I suspect that Mom and Dad needed some time away from each other and were frankly in more debt than they cared to admit, so Mom and my brother and I stayed with Grandma – then again, I could just be inadvertently spreading false rumors.

Chapter 11 Preview Chapter. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I cool really feel the emotion of the characters in this format.