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My Son is waiting for people to return to the faith.

I was hungry for over twenty years, often dystrophic because of malnutrition. I love people and, for their salvation, I follow the way of the Cross.

gafebcu They succeeded in obtaining the right to go to church on Sundays in the local village and even formed a choir. At first, the seriously ill were kept in Room 4.

The atmosphere trembled valegiu unearthly light. Aristide Lefa was with Valeriu Gafencu when the latter decided it was time to meet his maker: This demonic ideology, nothing other than the religion of Satan on earth, as someone who passed through Communist prisons called it, claimed hundreds of thousands of victims among us.

A medical student, Lefa tried to continue his practice at the Targu Ocna sanatorium and prison.

His physician, Aristide Lefa, recounted some of his memories of that winter: And suddenly — O, Lord! In them, one would find such valuables which can rightly be compared to those found in a Paterikon or in the lives of the saints.

New Book Sfantul Inchisorilor Romanian version Valeriu Gafencu | eBay

After embracing his son one more time and making the sign of the Cross, he headed straight for the water and swam back across the Prut, into his beloved Bessarabia. After a time of tormenting unrest and struggle, he experienced through the grace of Inchisrilor a state of enlightenment in which he saw his soul full of sins.

Could it be a temptation in order to make me prideful and to make me believe I was raised to where it is fitting only for those with special Grace? Valeriu was in a serious state. It was the usual scenario: Those that did not live this experience cannot understand how we could be happy in prison. When we were preparing our packets and no longer under the surveillance of the colonels, Voinea cried out: Florian Dumitrescu described one typical episode: Lacking a roof, the church was exposed to inchisorilorr and tempests, and it was here that Valeriu prayed.


Valeriu Gafencu – A Contemporary Confessor and Martyr for Christ – MĂRTURISITORII

This man of peace and righteousness, who had passed through and seen so much during those seven years of incarceration, said to me: In his physical helplessness and exhaustion I felt the Divine Energy of another plane of existence. Due to drought and financial need the prison agreed, and sent Valeriu and those in his group.

Valerius response to all the offers and threats was to say that he put all his hope in God, had firm faith that his life was under His protection, and that there was no need of any other support. It was given to me to close his eyes.

Then Voinea knocked on the door and cried out with all of his might: Obedience requires a superior — a father confessor — to whom one submits, and God also offered us this gift through the presence of our priests. Was this brought about by the Holy Spirit? His body was covered with bone tuberculosis wounds and sores produced by ganglion, which exuded pus continually. Now, you see, I submit to obedience.

In the police van, with his cheeks a yellowish-brown because of fever, he would talk to us about the blessedness of suffering for Christ. I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of unlocking bolts—a sign that always indicated that an event was about to occur.


Let us make efantul so that they no longer feel good when they do evil; let us create obstacles; let us put questions before them; let us divert their steps. These prisoners who were monks at heart, clothed the conditions of prison life in monastic garb. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

His concern for Christian salvation went far beyond himself and even Romania. I was waiting for my carol to come. I n the inhuman prison conditions of Communist Romania were brought before the eyes of the Western world. The packages of medicine were sent back to their families, and those who kept their souls pure were destined to lose their earthly lives. So the doctor realised the anaesthetic had not worked.

Because of him I am convinced, without a doubt, that there is no true happiness on earth except through ascetic effort and prayer to Him Who gave us the possibility of salvation.

Before the Communist takeover, Vacaresti had been the largest monastery in the Balkans.

They all point to his extreme sanctity and the effect of his love for God and others on all around him.