In the s, Charles Hummel published a little booklet called Tyranny of the Urgent, and it quickly became a business classic. In it, Hummel argues that there is. Tyranny of the Urgent has ratings and 30 reviews. Don said: Technologically dated, but principles as relevant as ever!This is a wonderful booklet m. 3 quotes from Tyranny of the Urgent: ‘Your greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important.’.

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Very important concept for believers and time management. Warrior’s Fate rated it it was amazing Oct 09, Ah — the conundrums of life! The problem is that the important task rarely must be done today or even this week. Dec 13, Ken Horne rated it liked it.

The urgent “Urgent” looks different for different families, in different seasons, and even in different hours of the day. Now, that my family as created our Mission Statement, we have a place to start. Nov 06, Dawn rated it it was amazing Shelves: No matter how clear the calendar may look at the moment, ask for a day or two to pray for guidance before committing yourself.

Is there any escape from this pattern of living?

What was the secret of Jesus’ work? The winds of other people’s demands have driven us onto a reef of frustration. I love tbe concept of separating out urgent from important and prioritizing things that way. Nov 22, Jonathan Brooker rated it really liked it. Laura frontporchfoodie on January 12, at 9: Cheers to a happy Monday full of really important things!


Tyranny of the Urgent Quotes

When Greenwalt was president of DuPont, he said, “One minute spent charkes planning saves three or four minutes in execution. These urgent things include swim practices, hockey practices, homework, phone calls from neighbors, neighbor kids wanting to play, emails, texts, etc. His life showed a wonderful balance, a sense of timing. The challenge for a busy family is to slow down and clarify what is urgent vs important.

And lets not forget the things that are not important or urgent but still manage to steal our time from us.

If we continue in the Word of our Lord, we are truly His disciples. Photo by Kevin Dooley.

Tyranny of the Urgent Quotes by Charles E. Hummel

The answer lies in the life of our Lord. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

It is great to meditate about this things. Time to start reworking my TIME budget! Are there obvious urgencies? Megan on February 16, at 7: So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed John 8: I had to add a link to my post today, with hopes that more moms get to read this.

yhe Zuraimah on January 24, at 1: He did not finish all the urgent tasks in Palestine or all the things He would have liked to off, but He did finish the work which God gave Him to do. A quiet time of meditation and prayer at the start of the day refocuses our relationship with God.


This book is a great way to review how I spend my time and to learn how to put guidelines around what is important. Scripture gives no answer to these questions, and we leave them in the mystery of God’s purposes, but we do know that Jesus’ prayerful waiting for God’s instructions freed Him from the tyranny of the urgent.

Marcus on February 15, at 9: As parents, we survive, as you describe with the diapers and dealing with tantrums and such. I got to do some reading, and internet surfing. For every ten withered muscles that had flexed into health, a hundred remained impotent. I know I have a difficult time prioritizing and managing my time. I was trying to post a link from our facebook to your article on tyranney of the urgent.

I do focus on the important as often as I can. It will help me see on paper the things that are urgent verses the things that are important. But the root of all sin is self-sufficiency–independence from God.

Original by Charles E.