Editorial Reviews. Review. Glenda Larke is magical. If you don’t read her, you’re missing out on Stormlord Rising – Kindle edition by Glenda Larke. Download it . Get the Stormlord Rising at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Download or ship for free. Free returns. Stormlord Rising was nominated as a Aurealis Awards finalist in the category of Fantasy Novel. Aurealis Awards – Finalist – for Web. Stormlord Rising was.

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To rate and review, sign in. I’m looking forward to the final installment a great deal. I am getting more and more intrigued by the Watergivers This book has 3 main, and as always I had a favorite.

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Her captor Ravard is obviously of two minds in how he treats Ryka, exercising complete control but still wanted her affection. Little, Brown Book Group4 November I actually quite liked The Last Stormlord Jasper’s brother, Sandmaster Ravard, is killing every rainlord he can find–even targeting Jasper–in hopes of bringing back the Time of Random Rain.

Stormlord Rising

Dec 01, P. The Reduners are still looking to return to the pre-stormlord era of random rain, while Shale and Terelle try to find stoormlord new source of water power, Ryka and Kaneth head for the dunes, and Laisa, Senya and risingg priest manoeuvre for their own interests.

While as a character I enjoyed her, her power from waterpainting is starting to be a magic wand for all problems. So him bedding two other ladies is a bit of a surprise, especially considering he is quite honourable and loyal. Aug 20, Pauline Ross rated it really liked it Shelves: Shale has grown up big time in this book, although still stotmlord an adolescent’s peculiar combination of angst and over-confidence, and Terelle is getting there too.

I enjoyed every minute of it and am very glad that there is still more to come: Glenda Larke not only gives religion a large role but explores how completely offbase a system of beliefs can be when clouded by time and misinformation.


And I love the slightly bonkers Iani. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Content protection This content is DRM protected.

There’s no hint of remorse. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And wouldn’t she have learned, after a lifetime with bad eyesight, not to stormoord to look over long distances.

Stormlord Rising | Glenda Larke

There was a lot of plotting and movement back and forth across the deserts and the riding outs and the scarpen that could have been avoided, but it all worked out in the end. And what she does is weave a great story around her characters, several great stories actually which all come together in one marvellous climax at the end. Heart breaking but so much more realistic. Considering its straightforward plot and characterization, Stormlord Rising contains a disproportionately large number of characters that are involved in or are the victim of sexual violence and sexual manipulation.

Skip to secondary content. The Last Stormlord is a fast-paced read, but there are a few points where Stormlord Rising drags, especially during a number of repetitive arguments between the main characters.

Shale has been betrayed, drugged, and left at the feet of his greatest enemy. And yes the enigmatic man who catches her was interesting.

Other books in the series. Despite my complaints, I still loved most the book and flew through it. She could go chapter through chapter just waiting. Very well wriiten and thought out.

Stormlord Rising (Watergivers, book 2) by Glenda Larke

Ironically the character that annoyed me m Stormlord Rising continues the story of Terelle, Shale, Ryka and the other survivers after the Reduner attack on Breccia. Stormlor really loving this series!

Comparisons will inevitably made between this fantasy world and the novel series “Dune” — but whereas these books are much more consistent in quality, none of them have the punch of the original Dune. Terelle’s water painting is becoming exceptionally convenient from a plot point of view, but this type of magic was flagged up from early in book 1, so it’s not a cheat, any more than Shale hurling water around is – both are just extensions of a form of magic already in existence.

I couldn’t wait to get into ‘Stormlord Rising,’ the second book of the trilogy. Of course it is only book 2 of the trilogy so t I loved book 0ne and this sequel was every bit as good! The first outing ended with our two main protagonist safe, but tied to enemies through different circumstances. The book lacked substance outside of the characters, which brought it from 5 stars to 4 stars for me. I particularly liked the thought tossed out, almost as an aside, that the innate water-sensing ability is god-given and not magical at all, while the power of water painting is sorcery and therefore totally evil.


The middle book of a trilogy set in a world where water is a scarce resource and must be manipulated by a group of people called Rainlords and Stormlords. I’m just taking a little break with something different before stormlkrd to my friends in the Stormlorrd. The plot is overall a bit more innovative than the first book, which is only good. At times, this transparency, together with the relative thinness of many characters, gives Gising Rising a young adult tone.

The world-building is necessarily less detailed in this book, but we do move out of the Scarpen cities and into some of the other regions. I will be surprised if this book does not figure in the Aurealis Awards. Sure, you can’t have a character completely forget an event like it had never happened, that wouldn’t be realistic, but a few reminders here and there is all you need.

Parts of the story are getting to be quite dark now, with scenes of rape and torture. Terelle’s story was a about a journey, while Shale’s story was about breaking free. Stprmlord characters drive the story – all the world building is shown through the characters and not explained in lumps of exposition. And her POV was the one I wanted to read about stomlord most. Her main protago The middle book of a trilogy set in a world where water is a scarce resource and must be manipulated by a group of people called Rainlords and Stormlords.