Shri Samartha Siddharameshwar Maharaj is one of the greatest unknown saints of the age. Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj, after passing away of his Master. Shri Samartha Siddharameshwar Maharaj is one of the greatest unknown saints of the age. He was born in the month of August A.D. in a small village. “If you want to be something, it’s a stamp of the ego and you remain. in a state. Be nothing and reality remains.” There is no individual person anywhere. There is.

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The attitude must change. If sisdharameshwar call this city “Bombay”, it appears as Bombay; if you call it earth, it will appear as earth.

Even when you are in this world, you should be as if you are not there. At once he became the servant at his master’s feet. The one who is without quality and the one with quality who is speaking are both God.

We are not any of the things that exist in this world, including the body. Where is the bondage if one knows that he is not the body? All the forms in the world is in his own Self. It is One only and there is nothing else than That.

You have become the gross body because only one body is the object of your concept. Let us pass the days playfully in joy, then let this body sirdharameshwar on kaharaj bed or on the ground.

It never goes anywhere nor does It come from anywhere. The state of being became sans difference. This dead man asks, “Are you free from this fate, because you behave exactly as I did? Ignorant corpses are only moving about in the whole world. And hence his name was kept Siddharamappa.


When alone, one is all bliss. The man found the ring deep inside the water, but obviously could not inform her instantly as he was completely under the water. By meditation or ant’s siddharaameshwar one can realize. Janaka said, “Hold a lamp on the palm of each hand, and enter all the gorgeously furnished rooms of the palace. Till such time that He is there, gods, demons, customs, etc.

He started his meditation in Bijapur on the raised platform like a minaret upli buruj sitting over an old gun and he meditated for nine months without a break.

Siddharameshwar – Wikipedia

Do not get tempted by these. First he gave the Knowledge of Final Reality to his disciples and then asked them to renounce and then told them to renounce even the act of renunciation.

So my Master ziddharameshwar the shortest way, by thinking. Eradicate completely the mental modification which goes out.

Siddharameshwar Maharaj

This human birth is here to dissolve such ignorance. King Janaka was pleased. God uses the divine soul-vehicle of the Guru as His messenger or instrument to bring the novice back to his spiritual home in Siddharammeshwar. One who experiences the state of awakeness does not disappear when experiencing the state of unconsciousness or sleep. He is also the one who is called Ravana, a demon in the mythological book Ramayana.

Sri Siddharameswar Maharaj : profile. Advaita.

One who uses this method of “I am not, you are not, there is nothing” is indeed fortunate. As a result he became tranquil by staying in his own blissful state. He is of the nature of existence-consciousness-bliss, and ,aharaj the witness of all. Then, here itself, it is Kashi [a holy place] for you. What is the use if one is not detached internally?


Supreme Reality is the natural state and exists right from the beginning without doing or thinking anything. The food, the wooden plank on which one sits while taking meals, for him or her the spouse and water are all expressions of Reality. This is an indication of renunciation. That is the Eternal witness, existence-knowledge-bliss [sat-chit-ananda].

The eyes see but you say, “I see”. He alone starts thinking of a sadhu. He muttered, “Shame on my father for sending me to that matter-soaked king! The world and the beings in it are conceptual. Thus the master and the devotee met. Everything that appears within It is That.

You must stop insisting that good alone should happen to this body. Do not entertain any fear for anything.

In [web 3] he was initiated by his guru ‘Shri Bhausaheb Maharaj’ in Inchagiri in Karnataka India, who taught mantra meditation as the way to reach Final Reality.

If everything is rejected, then only the one who rejects everything remains. So what great thing has happened if he says he now knows Him.

Remove that wrong feeling that you are mortal. Sri Nisargadatta SiddharamesbwarBombay: