21 Dec Recently I watched the play “Raktakarabi” (The red oleander) written by Rabindranath Tagore & performed by the theater group “Nagarik”. Red Oleanders (Raktakarabi) is one of the more than sixty plays, dance dramas and dramatic sketches by Asia’s first Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Besides, the shifts in characterisation might also have ra,takarabi considered necessary by the director for a Tagore play published in being performed on the stage by a bunch of committed theatre workers in When I first saw a performance of Raktakarabi by Bohurupi, raktakzrabi the Brabourne Stadium, Bombay inI was 15 and did not understand anything.

Though widely appreciated by Bengali audiences, its reception in English translation has been uneven.

The synchronization of the actors beginning with Bishu Pagol Shovon Chakraborty belting out tomaye gaan shonabo sustains the natural rhythm Nandini brings in. The king wants to get possession of Nandini, similar to the manner in which he extracts gold ‘ by force.

The reviews that followed were less than enthusiastic with criticism of obscurantism. There was a time when, in the human world, most of our important dealings with our fellow-beings were personal dealings, and the professional element in society was never hugely disproportionate to the normal constitution of its life. raotakarabi

raktakarabi by rabindranath tagore drama bengali

The Sarders try to suppress the revolution against the King by killing Ranjan and punishing others. This page was last modified on 8 Marchraktakaragi Here is the review of the play.

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But Nandini loves Ranjan and has therefore awakened the feeling of love in him. In the eyes of the king, the coolies are not human beings, they are mere tools for acquiring gold; they are only small parts of machines bearing the sign and number like 47a, f and so on. It is the spirit of organization, which is not social in character, but utilitarian He also becomes affected by Nandini’s logics as she finds himself as a mere human.

raktakarabi by rabindranath tagore drama biggest

She has no fear. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Undaunted by the king, Nandini walks in with her touch of life and joy and love symbolising the highest truth in the human world. Retrieved from ” http: Raktakarab problem and the cure are simple. There is no expression of life at Yaksapuri. Like the blossoming of a flower red oleander is a common flower in Bengalhappiness too had to be a product of love and of labour that is raktakaragi and honest and made of human sympathy and consideration.

He was motivated by the image of a red oleander plant crushed by pieces of discarded iron that Tagore had come across while walking.

It is a symbolical play aimed at the vices of capitalism and totalitarianism and rekindling the personal spirit. Raktakarabi is one of the more than sixty plays, dance dramas and dramatic sketches by Tagore.

Here is where Raktakarabi triumphs — the time and the setting making it more relevant than it was when Tagore first wrote it. All this is surely not so different from great works of art and literature, and touches upon the core of life itself.

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Today another factor has made itself immensely evident in shaping and guiding human destiny.

She affects Ranjan, Bishu and others with her elegance, beauty and naive thoughts. Red is the colour of their revolt triggered by the free spirit and revolutionary zeal that Nandini both presents and represents.

At that time, it raktakaraabi given the title of Yaksapuri. The red oleanders she keeps in reserve for Ranjan who personifies revolt with his very being and is prepared to die for his cause — freedom through revolt, even if it means death. The Mars Odyssey spac Nandini, the symbol of love and beauty’ beckons everybody from outside the iron net of Yaksapuri.

How ironic compared to the modern day rift between the government decisions and general citizens in a democratic outset. Global Voices in English.

Her translation, which has transformed and streamlined the versions that preceded it, comes to us in fresh, lucid and comprehensible English. Tagore had a penetrating pen along with an analytical approach to life at the base of which was his unfailing faith in mankind.