This book is an English translation of the Day Hours from the Breviarium Monasticum published at Bruges in after extensive revision and restoration by its. 19 Apr As you work through the book, you might want to place a ribbon at the beginning of each section so you can find them again quickly. The Monastic Diurnal I’ve heard is nice but I’m worried about the time it takes because I am not a monk and am a full-time student. There is also.

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If you are using a different edition of the Diurnal, the page numbers might be different, or it may be missing some of the material I mention. Thanks Monastc – look forward to reading your blog entry, and I’ll take a look at the Catholic Answers forum. Aim This post will give you an overview on how the Diurnal is organised. Summary If you are at all interested in praying the Divine Office according to the traditional Monastic use, go get this book.

This site has been amazing! In terms of good translations of the Rule, my clear favourite is that by Abbot Justin McCann – there are editions around that are English only, and Latin-English you can always just ignore the Latin for the moment!

Once you have that down, start on Prime make sure you start on a Monday, or read through the instructions in Monday’s text carefully, as lots of them aren’t repeated on later days! Pages Home Book Reviews. I teach Latin to the grandsons and this would be a good reference to have for school as well as for prayer.


Also subscribed some time back to the very lovely OblatesOfStBenedict yahoo group with daily reflections on the rule by both an Oblate and an Brother. Mojastic know they’re not supposed to be a big deal, but for some reason, I just don’t get it.

Review: Monastic Diurnal at One Year

You are welcome Dave. One thing I would really like to see explained in detail is how to do commemorations properly.

As I am here, is there an [English only] edition of the Holy Rule, perhaps with commentary, that you or your readers recommend?

Pamelanak – The structure, prayers etc are essentially the same, but there is a difference in the calendar. Apologies David but no. So it uses a lot of shortcuts that require some deciphering.

I am very grateful for your site and imagine I will be spending many hours on it in the weeks ahead. Dessain at Michelin, Belgium, and imported to the States, in six editions I will be taking it on our next Camino. Finally, I think it would be a very useful thing indeed if a revised edition were to obtain a new monadtic.

And for the love of all that is holy, please move the index to the end. So let me preface the following comments with a note that these are my own views and I’m not a canon lawyer or expert on the technicalities of the approval of liturgical books, diurna treat them accordingly.

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I have been praying the ‘new breviary’ the LoTH since that year. I have a simple question that I haven’t yet found an answer to. This is a great review. Sorry Ronald I’m not sure.

Review: Monastic Diurnal at One Year – The World is Quiet Here

The Diurnal has six main sections – the most important is towards the middle, and labelled ‘The Monasttic arranged for the week’. It might be useful to put it in the book. Currently, I have Holy Cards stuffed in for: But some argue otherwise. Now, we are homeschooling the boys so I switched to praying the psalms each week using a schema from Genesee Abbey in upstate NY.

But there isn’t a great difference between the editions. Thanks again Tera, for sharing your passion and for the many hours it has taken to compile this site and keep it updated. I just found your site today, and I am loving it!

Absolutely No Spin: Guest Review: Monastic Diurnal 7th Edition

Thanks for this timely series of posts and for this new blog! The pages are fairly opaque and allow little bleed. Well konastic the Day Hours anyways But you will find it makes sense as you get going