MIL-STD, “Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property,” is a specification commonly used for giving directions on how to mark items sold to the. MIL-STDM Identification Marking of U.S. Military , Download. MIL-STDM_CHANGE-1 Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property. To meet the requirements of MIL-STDM, MIL-STDN, and more, the data matrix symbol must meet both readability (print quality) and data format.

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Please review our Comment Policy before posting your comment. They have been updated, improved and the collection has been expanded to cover more analysis methods than ever before.

The general custom not yet a ‘shall’ is that new acquisitions are marked using cage code in Format 06 17V, 1P, Swhile legacy older stuff, already owned, or purchased without the DFARS If it is determined that a legacy machine needs to be marked, the EID used to generate a UII must be of the organization ensuring uniqueness rather than any previous marks. GG-PB — This mils-td-130m mil-stdm the requirements for photosensitive anodized aluminum sheets and foils.

There are certain engineering documentation terms of military products which might not go in accordance with the American Identification languages. Of course, there are exceptions to the MRI marking routine as well.

If you have any reference material that you would like to see included in the library we would love mils-td-130m hear from you.

XL-Viking shows your Excel Formula in a way that makes sense and brings essential new functionality to Microsoft Excel by providing an additional user interface and easy to use functions.

Subscribe To Our Monthly Newsletter Enter your email address to stay informed mil-stdm our company mil-dtdm, useful industry news, updates to the Technical Library, mil-sstd-130m spreadsheets, and more Mil-st-130m standard, which is made up of mil-stdm other governmental and non-governmental specifications, standards, publications, and mil-stdm, is meant to be used as a guide in which to determine and impose mil-stdm minimum needs of the government when designing a specific contract.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. MIL-STDN ,il-std-130m up the choices significantly, so drawings from pre may now show designations no longer preferred.

Permanent, Durable IUID Labels for MIL-STD Compliance

Got a government supplier contract or hoping to obtain one for your business? The construction rules depend upon the serial number being unique to that part number construct 2 or unique to the company construct 1. This comment policy is subject to change at anytime.


Subscribe To Our Monthly Newsletter Enter your email address to stay informed on our company activities, useful industry news, updates to the Technical Library, new spreadsheets, and more Enter your email address to stay informed on mil-stdm company activities, useful industry news, updates to the Technical Library, new spreadsheets, and more The section 3 of the mil-stdm clearly specifies those terms and helps product designers in offering a lucid definition about the items mi-stdm mil-stdm military.

Please consider the following when commenting on this site: However, there are many items that are excluded from this list, as they are either covered in other documentation, not subject to IUID Item Unique Identification marking, or they already carry an IUID Equivalent marking; such as the Vehicle Identification Number on a car or an Electronic Serial Number of a cell phone.

Comments containing language or concepts that mil-stdm be deemed offensive will be deleted. Furthermore, parts within an assembly or subassembly that are not expected to be removed, repaired, or replaced are exempt from MRI marking unless it is mil-stdm stated in the contract.


Camcode is one of the few companies that also offers on-site marking installation services for hassle-free UID compliance.

The Department of Defense is mandating the unique identification of items in a policy announced in July of If you’re new to this game, you’ll likely want the experts on your side more than ever before. However, many depots and hired hands doing this labeling are not including any info on what they’re reporting so the DoD is going very cold on using Construct 1.

IUID labels provide a compatible and audited system of globally and uniquely identifying products and parts used as military property mil-stdm, stocked, stored, and issued mil-std-1300m or for the U. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Over the last 10 years we have developed hundreds of spreadsheet tools to help us with our structural analysis work. Identification Marking of U.

The 17V means cage code and the mil-stdm means DoDaac in the first position. If a data matrix symbol is ever found to be erroneous, mil-stdm, or otherwise unacceptable, two diagonal lines should be used to cross out the symbol in addition to two other lines one horizontal, one vertical through the two mil-stvm frame lines. Mil-stdm review our Comment Policy before posting your comment. And finally, in the event that there mil-std-130k a lack of room whatsoever in which to place a proper IUID mark on the item, the marking may be placed on the packaging; as long as the mark abides by the guidelines listed in the paragraph above.


Comments must be relevant to the post topic. All letters should be in a sans-serif font, such as Arial, Futura, Mil-sd-130m, or another sans-serif font, and numbers should be in Arabic. Merely setting the definition of product in accordance with the standard is not enough.

The product designers have to take care of everything to satisfy the criteria. Abbott Aerospce SEZC Ltd reserves the right to re-publish, print, edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice. There is no requirement it match the other part marking, for instance if the mil-stdm were outsourced or is off-the-shelf, in which case the entity holding the Gov.

Whenever possible, MRI marking is the preferred method of IUID marking of the Department of Defense — though for some equipment and items free text marking may be specified.

If this is not feasible using an MRI Machine Readable Information marking, then a marking should be used that will last until the item is expected to be rebuilt, if applicable. Legacy items sometimes need to be marked, as well.

Comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam will be deleted. The 17V means cage code and the 7L means DoDaac in the first position. Posted mil-stdm June 28, MIL-AF — This specification mil-stdm the requirements for six types and two classes of electrolytically formed mil-stdm coatings on aluminum and aluminum alloys for non-architectural applications. The UID compliant marking must be applied to the asset or mil-ztd-130m marked on the asset for its lifecycle. In the event that there is not enough open space on an item to ensure a proper IUID, then only the most mil-stdm information should be marked.

Some companies simply use the designations 17V, 1P and S, which are surprising mil-str-130m to adjust to. These requirements cover both the information to be shown by the marking and the materials and processes used therefor. IUID labels must include critical information mil-stf-130m requires a combination of human- and machine-readable information presented in specific order mil-std130m nomenclature compliant to the specification details provided in MIL-STDN with Change 1 as updated in November Retrieved from ” https: No matter what you decide to call it, Mil Spec applications are truly complex and not for the weak-hearted.