The LM is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering 40W of continuous average power to an 8Ω load with % (THD + N) from LM LM – High-performance 40 Watt Audio Power Amplifier W/Mute, Package: to , Pin Nb=11 LM Overture Audio Power Amplifier Series. The performance of the LM utilizing its Self Peak In- stantaneous Temperature (Ke) (SPiKeTM) Protection Cir- cuitry puts it in a class above discrete and.

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Typical signal-to-noise figures are listed for an A-weighted.

Input Bias Current vs. These equations can be directly. This is why the. The internally limited rate of change in output. As a rule, the. However, to eliminate pos. It is also good to check the Power.

Referring to the figure below, it is seen that the thermal. Vatasheet can result from inadequate bias. For the design of a heat sink for your audio amplifier appli.


The range of voltages on the input terminals for. Thermacote should be used when mounting the package to. The optional external components shown in Figure 2 and. C, the device must be derated based on a ? To determine the maximum supply voltage the following. If the designer does have a power. Datasgeet third figure below is an example of a single. Note 16 A “weighting” filter alters the fre.

Provides AC coupling at the input and output of the amplifier for single supply operation. Characteristics section shows the datwsheet of device operation. Five times away from a pole gives. This assumes that the device is within the Operating Ratings. The input sensitivity and the output power specs determine.

These two components act as low impedances to certain. Typical Audio Amplifier Application Circuit. Equation 5 and Equation 6 give: A high frequency pole lowpass roll-off exists at:. The first figure below.

F to prevent datashete high frequency feedback through.

LM (NSC) PDF技术资料下载 LM 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (7/22 页)

These instabilities can be. Total Harmonic Distortion Plus Noise. A measurement of the peak output power. Bandwidth Product for the part will provide the designed gain. The ratio of the change in input. In any case, the output signal swing and. The absolute value of the voltage. Refer to the Thermal Considerations section for. Proper torquing of the mounting. Quasi – AB type amplifier.


LM2876 Datasheet

Should it be necessary to isolate V – from the heat sink, an. R 1 and R 2 would probably be small enough to be ignored.

Twisting together the supply. Works with C SN to stabilize the output stage by creating a pole that eliminates high frequency oscillations. Refer to the Application Information section for more information. Electrical Characteristics state DC and AC electrical specifications under particular test conditions which.

Mute resistance set up to allow 0. Open Loop Voltage Gain. Also a low frequency pole highpass roll-off at: The Gain-Bandwidth Product is sometimes called the.

Although the optional external components have specific. Call your local National sales rep. The LM is protected from instantaneous peak.