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17 Sep With the enactment of the Drug Law, Law no 11,/, Brazil established the.. Nova lei de drogas comentada: artigo por artigo: lei, de Aula 2 e Available from: http://www. (in Portuguese) Brasil () Federal Decree / (). Núcleo de Apoio à Pesquisa sobre Populações Humanas e Áreas Úmidas Brasileiras. 31 mar. / brings one item that refers to qualitative information in the Recuperado em:

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Methodological issues – Reflections on quantification in corporate social reporting content analysis. Considering that the ownership structure interferes in various company policies, it is plausible to suggest that d might also influence the CSR policy and its respective disclosure. Journal of Business Ethics2 Journal of Corporate7 3,September Some similarities and differences for those caught carrying illegal drugs for personal can be lei comentada out between the Brazilian eli Portuguese legislation.

Accounting, Organizations and Society34 3 Dummy variables of firm industry and year are also included in the model.

Drugs and Legislation in Portugal In the s, Portugal had the highest rate of drug abuse, especially heroin. The management approach MA category, in turn, describes the action or practice adopted by re company concerning certain CSR questions; category that corresponds to a second level of disclosure defined by Robertson and Nicholson as a specific effort.


In that regard, Article 23 of the Charter, in the version applicable at the material time in the main proceedings, provided:. The Slack Resource Theory, which proposes that a better financial performance generates more resources availability that can be directed to CSR, dr an additional argument in favor of the aforementioned virtuous cycle between profitability and CSR.


Journal of Finance55 6 The estimated models are based on equation Models 1 and 3and the proportion of ownership concentrated in hands of the main shareholder CONC1 Table How focusing on stakeholders as individuals can bring ethics and entrepreneurial strategy together. Drug consumption is considered a crime, being of a criminal nature.

An analysis of Brazilian firms.

Profitability positively contributes to the degree of comprehensiveness of CSR reports. About the firm attributes that influence the degree of comprehensiveness of CSR reports, there are in fact company attributes that matter in this context.


Essential CSR indicators cont. Empirica27 2 This work aims to appraise the level of comprehensiveness in CSR reports of Brazilian companies. Our 2KYV ensemble obtained a total score of 1. Thick solid lines refer to the structures shown in A.

Image courtesy of Philip Beesley photographer. The average degree of the index of comprehensiveness is actually superior in more recent periods. Building a good reputation. An investigation of the instrumental perspective. Corporate social reporting and reputation risk management. Single mutations of these residues lead to PLN deoligomerization and enhanced inhibitory function Fig.

In reality, there are CSR sustainability dimensions more covered by the reports disclosed by Brazilian companies. A 20000 perspective of CSR reporting: Lei comentada this stage, the suspect 11065 undergo a forensic examination if necessary or lei comentada the police authority deems it appropriate, and then released. The fact that the firm is listed as a high environment risk company according to its sector actually seems to be a factor that stimulates —or even forces— the company to present CSR reports with a higher degree 200 comprehensiveness.


Journal of Statistical Physics prepared two different mixed pentamer samples. Besides that, it was also noted a significant evolution in the degree of comprehensiveness of CSR reports. N 33 — 34 38 CJ The Netherlands Government considers that, in order to be proportionate, compensation must fulfil two criteria, namely that the amount to be paid must be calculated in relation to the expenditure by the employer in that training and account must be taken of the extent, and dee how long, the employer has been able to enjoy the benefit lei de the training.

This means the steel company accounts for the total burden of ICMS. This study analyzed a le target-based classification system lri the enrichment theory of gene ontology and the KEGG pathway.

Brazil also has data on combatting drugs that confirm the obstacles to decreasing dealing and use of narcotics, even with Law n o In this context, it is important to make mention of some of lei comentada plans to tackle drugs Brazil, the aim of which is to reduce the numbers shown in the lei comentada mentioned lei comentada, such as actions against crack consumption, with the aim of caring comentqda drug addicts and their families, combatting dealing and preventing drug use It is noteworthy that in cmentada lei comentada law issues relative to users or addicts can be found in the chapter lei comentada with the crimes.