Urdu Novel: Lahasil by Umera Ahmed – Kindle edition by Umera Ahmed, Lubna Ikhlaq, Muhammad Farrukh Mahmood, Hasan Umar. Download it once and read . La Hasil is Umera Ahmad’s very interesting novel. In this she discussed a little the life and nature of Najma Sultana. Read it free Here. لا حاصل اردو ناول: ایک اور بہترین اردو ناول جیسے عمیرہ احمد نے لکھا اور ہم جسے آپ سب کے لیے موبائل ایپ میں متعارف کروا رہے ہیں۔ اس ناول ایپ کی بہت ساری.

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La-Hasil By Umera Ahmed (free download)

It was exceptionally brilliant. Mazhar, a seemingly practicing Muslim, is a self proclaimed caretaker of Islam. It feels unbelievable that the same author who penned down beauties like peerekamil and amerbel writes lahasil,hasil,IUM etc etc. Amazingly done by Umera Ahmed.

She has written about 16 books hhasil, comprising of complete novels and compilations of short stories. Refresh and try again. Its not that bad a novel. Good and Simple but predictable tale. Jun 16, Payal Kapoor rated it really liked it.

Would you like to download all of al Urdu novels from http: However she left the job a few years back in order to devote her full attention to writing.


I loved her spiritual journey and I learned how you have to remain thanking Allah nomatter what, because He always knows the be contains spoilers Umera Ahmed’s novels are classics.

Read La-Hasil Novel Online

Only reason it took me days instead of hours to finish this masterpieces was I wanted to savour every word, every dialogue. When everything has lost, your faith always is with you.

As I continue to read this book my interest grew more. However it was her novel “Peer-e-Kaamil S. Same was the case with this one! It is fascinating to read and understand the real values of Islam and how they do or do not get imbibed into dealings of real life.

I just hated everything Maryam did, I was amazed how could someone treat her own mother like that. Mama Jan’s character was undefinable. It was a tragedy when they separated but the reunion, the short period they got to spend together was bittersweet.

Umera Ahmed is a true gem! Looking forward to read something like this again! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Two aspects of the book were interesting. Its indeed as perfect as the author claims it to be and to be very honest I didn’t and probably will never find those words that can best describe my feelings for the book.


True, I hated Mariam from the beginning and in every scene she appeared but I was more intrigued towards the relationship of mother and her son.

On the other side it has been told how the never-ending desires of a human shmed destroy him. The novel comes with the big lesson to stay content with whatever you have. My second urdu book of Umera Ahmed translated in english and this one is good. First it used the element of surprise well and second I loved the deeply woven religious philosophy and message. Her novels are basically based on spirituality love emotions and humanity. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Ego, arrogance and over-pride left her all alone to be cried. Loved every bit of it!

Hollow Pursuits is a sublime tale of individuals who faced different trials in life. Forgiveness, desire, selfishness and lessons. Hwsil as good as Peer e Kamil ofcourse.