NOTE: Everyone agrees that the minimum requirements of the Khutbah must be in Arabic. 1) How to Begin. –. Have the intention that you are going to give a. 10 Sep Noted Cleric Maulana Zakir Husain Mazahiri’s book Khutbat e Mauizat is a collection of Urdu speeches and Arabic Khutbahs. This file contains. 13 May The fairest opinion is that using Arabic when giving the khutbah on Friday and at Eid in countries where it is not spoken is not a condition of it.

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Continue with your sermon. Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil ‘akhirati hasanatan waqina ‘adhaban-narmeaning “Our Lord! Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. For more information on how to arabuc a khutbah, read on! It is mustahabb for the khutbah to be in Arabic but it is not essential, and the khateeb may deliver the khutbah in his own language instead of Arabic.

Subscribe to our Newsletter here. Firstly, you need a place to offer Jummah with a minimum of 3 people plus an Imaam.

AZ Abdullah Khtubah Sep 1, The Malady of Love Sickness. That it is essential for it to be in Arabic for the one who is able to do that, unless none of the listeners know Arabic, in which case he should give the khutbah in their language.

If you make your khutbah extremely long, then there is a high chance that people will become bored and lose focus, causing your khutbah will go to waste and minimal to no knowledge attained. There jumamh three points of view:. Sit down for a moment or two.

Khutbat: Friday Arabic Khutbahs for Whole Year

We cannot rely on any religious reform in India or elsewhere in the Muslim world, unless Arabic is taught from the primary stage and is made the language of knowledge. As many people turn up for the Friday prayer, mosques are usually packed with worshippers. A khutbah is a sermon, and the most important sermon is the Friday khutbah, which is done before the Jumu’ah prayer Friday noon prayer on Fridays.


There are specific guidelines on how to conduct the Friday sermon. After concluding the Khutbah, the Iqamah is given and Salah started as normal with loud recitation.

Leave the prayer area clean as you found it, if not cleaner and leave early for class.

Thou art our Protector; Help us against those who stand against faith” [17] Rabbana la tuzigh quloobana ba’da idh hadaytana wa hab lana milladunka rahmah innaka antal Wahhabmeaning “Our Lord! Here is a sample of one Khutbah which you can read directly from your phone or print out just like how the imams read from books.

Friday khutbah in languages other than Arabic – Islam Question & Answer

Once you are finished, end with some supplications and salutations upon the Prophet, then commence the Jumu’ah prayer. Amma bad fa inna khayral hadeethi kitabullah wa khayral hadee, hadee Muhammadin wa sharrol omoori muhdathaatuhaa wa kulla muhdathatin bidah wa kulla bidatin dalaalah wa kulla dalaalatin im “Indeed the best speech is the speech of Allah, and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad peace be upon him.

Make the khutbah short. MI Mushin Iqbal Sep 30, No – any idle talk laghw is impermissible during the khutbah. If anyone else speaks while you’re giving the khutbah, it invalidates it along with their prayer.

Radio Islam – Arabic Khutbah

Pakistan acquits Christian woman on death row. Have mercy on us.


There is no proof in the hadeeth to suggest that the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him stipulated that the Friday khutbah should be in Arabic, rather he delivered the khutbah in Arabic because it was his language and the language of his people. Research the verses and ahadeeth you’re going to mention and kummah the meaning and interpretation to get a fully understanding. Shaykh Rasheed Rida may Allaah have mercy on him said: Not only will this cause a commotion, but it will also cause you to lose attention.

This does not mean, however, that it should be contentless. Islamic Financials No iframes. Learn as much of the English as you can by heart, and definitely memorize the Arabic.

But it is better to deliver the khutbah in Arabic and then translate it to the listeners, so as to combine the arqbic of the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him in his khutbahs and his letters with achieving the aim of giving the khutbah, and so as to avoid an area concerning which there is scholarly dispute.

The rare exceptions are if the imam makes a mistake in their recitation or if there is a problem with the microphone and it needs to be fixed. After the first half, sit down for a short period then commence with the second half.

Some people might get distracted, and even find it funny, if you mispronounce a word. Look at the audience.