21 Jan A review of How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz for the Consciousness Junkie website. Swartz unfolds the methods of Vedanta while unraveling the myths and mysteries of the enlightened state. But this book does not simply present more spiritual. Inquiry into object happiness — What is enlightenment? — The means of knowledge — Qualifications — The self — Obstructions — Inquiry into karma and dharma.

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And how did you feel about it? Hey Jacko aka wacko, not as crazy like you as to believe I am enlightened like your Sdartz and yourself pretend to be and who are always on acid and dope.

I was fascinated by the world. You are giving the jiva some kind of independent existence. I was ready to suffer a lot to get that experience back How I see reality fits clearly with how reality has been described in Vedanta and many other schools of thought. I was getting it, yes, but the question was, why was I losing enlightnement James is an excellent teacher of traditional Vedanta but you would not know that…you are enamored of your own ideas, imaginings and experiences even dated to the day…why not the hour?

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How to Attain Enlightenment

But this book does not simply present more spiritual techniques; it offers a body of knowledge. I have always been an aggressive confident person and I knew he liked me and maybe even needed me in some way, so I pushed him a jamez and threatened to leave. I was indeed fortunate that I never took to it i.


People want an easy path and this seems to be a very easy way to solve the enilghtenment. To make an enquiry you need help. In addition, neither offered any practical means of preparing the mind for the assimilation of self-knowledge.

Misto Felees rated it really liked it Sep 30, The enlightenjent way you can really tell with those people is not what they say, but how they live.

And does that always come by the grace of God, or is it something that you can work towards?

James Swartz – A Review and Critique by a Seeker – Shanmugam’s Blog

Why would a real enlightened person will have such an unnecessary and misleading quiz in his website? He was the original party animal: It teaches you how to think so that your thinking is in harmony with reality.

James just appears to be such a Vedantic scholar. Also I must add one more thing. So you were testing the limits.

How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz

The mantra continued churning as the enllghtenment expanded to about the size of a dime, opened up, and became a hole! But again these are specks on the surface of a largely clear and excellent work.


If you have that burning desire… honestly, I would have preferred to die to living another day in this world as I was We drove through the streets for about ten minutes when the bus stopped in the avenues east of Golden Gate Park.

Here is the quiz: Krishnamurti and Mames Balseker.

The body dressed itself and walked out to the road. Believe me, I have seen hundreds of scholars teaching pure Vedanta and James may agree jamds all these scholars are enlightened.

How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Non-Duality by James Swartz

The criticisms of other so-called teachers is not specifically about the teachers themselves but about the lack of a complete teaching that provisionally accepts duality and bridges a logical bridge to non-duality and self knowledge I also make the difference between my opinions and the teachings of traditional Vedanta, although I have considerable contempt for so-called teachers, like Osho who I met, who violate dharma and dualists who imagine that they are non-dualists.

Also, there is also a well known saying: Neo Advaita seems to miss that paradoxical subtlety. An unearthly silence, thick as a morning fog, descended and I heard the enlightenmet, om namah shivayarising spontaneously out of the depths, bringing deep peace, inundating my soul with sweetness.