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Check out our free demo video tutorials Q5. Handakafujda videos are fantastic and teach you pretty much all the shorcut methods and concepts you would require to crack the exams. The frequency of classes will be increased to two classes per week by March Thanks a lot for all the videos. We will not be able to process any refunds. You will be asked to first enter your personal details and then your billing details.

You never know what you going to get. Typically, the questions are based on the acquiring company or the company that is being acquired. You can give these tests whenever you want hahdakafunda there are no restrictions. In these live classes, he clarifies students doubts.

Yes, it is true. In the first section, Around the World, all the places have been divided into sub-sections based on Longest, Largest, Highest, Tallest, Smallest and Biggest.

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Handakarunda also provide their own test series in collaboration with Olive Board which is of a good standard. First, all the relevant topics covered in the course with proper guideline as to which topics should be given priority. The question of the day. Roughly videos will be added per month.


In this article, some of the common structure of questions are discussed.!! Hello Ravi sir, i converted IIM indore in first list itself thank for the precious support from your side would not have been possible without your help. In case there are any changes in the pattern in CAT Exam, we will incorporate those in our test series. Register Now is the button you need to click. CAT Online Coaching.

handa,afunda The frequency of classes will be one class per week by December Every time I think about how to prepare for RC, I am struck by how similar the process of reading is to the technique of driving. There is just a little over a month left for the CAT exam. Sections of this page. Questions on books and authors are very popular with entrance examinations. Once again, Thank you Sir!

This was my maiden attempt in CAT Live classes allow a student to ask doubts and clarify them in real time. The pattern of the CAT Exam keeps on changing. By Marchthe complete handakafuhda of the course would be added to the course Q6. He is always available on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Quora — we do not know how he manages that. We do not want any student to miss out on proper CAT preparation because he or she cannot afford to pay the fees of the CAT Coaching institute.


Triumphant Institute of Management Education Education. The weekend online classes and wiziq discussion forums were really helpful for clearing doubts. The CAT Coaching videos contain a lot of solved examples to explain application of difficult concepts. I zeroed-in on Handa Ka Funda hhandakafunda of four reasons. Ravi sir is very accommodative an These tests are completely online and can be given handakafunra the comfort of your home.

As an astute man Mr. You can contact us on the details mentioned below. By Marchthe complete contents of the course would be added to the course. I recommend that you go through this handakafudna twice or thrice.

Relationships provide definiteness between two objects or persons. Thanks a lot for all the videos. See more of Handa Ka Funda on Facebook. Out of those They are divided in three categories: View CAT Ahndakafunda.

Online Coaching for CAT and Banking exams

Students send in their doubts via the Online forum called course-feed or sometimes via email. The analysis will also tell you your strong and weak areas. With respect to strategy and exam preparation tips, you can just call and talk to Ravi Sir.