Discover ideas about Food Plan. The history of Overeaters Anonymous and its food plans, specifically the grey sheet, which spawned Greysheeters Anonymous . Appendix B: Text of the “Grey Sheet” of Overeaters Anonymous Food Plan. PAGE ONE OF OA PAMPHLET. PLAN “A” — LOW-CARBOHYDRATE. (Suggested for. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Greysheet Food Plan is used as a personal plan of recovery by many members in Overeaters Anonymous.

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Please keep posting good contents. Dextrose, lactose and corn syrup are forms of sugar.

I now have more serenity around the food than ever. BVaughn7 January 11, at 3: Connie January 7, plann 3: Some artificial sweeteners contain large amounts of sugar…beware.

It is informative, can you help me in finding out more detail on Diet Plan ,i am interested and would like to know more about this field and wanted to understand the details about Guided Meditation.

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Watch out for high carbohydrate artificial sweeteners. Peanut Butter and Jelly Diet. I rode 67 miles drinking only pkan last weekend gatwick parking secure airport parking gatwick.

The longer I stay abstinent the more I trust GS and my sponsor to keep me in a normal sized body. Proteins may be mixed i.

grwysheet The other two children had continued playing; however, I was preoccupied with how I could get more sugar. After finishing the X I wanted another.

Melanie Magruder February 13, at 6: When eating out, if cooked vegetable in not available have a 4th raw vegetable. Greysheet will not work without a sponsor. Though not obese in the very early years I felt fat; eventually I was chubby and told not tuck in my shirt nor wear horizontal stripes. I traded food until I had about four desserts. Would that be a 1 cup veg or a small finger veg?

Any suggestions in that case? If you follow the Grey Sheet Diet’s guidelines, it’s likely that you will lose weight, especially if your regular diet contained plenty of refined carbohydrates, added sugar, processed or fast foods and alcohol.


All food must be weighed and measured. Lobster – 4 oz.

I greusheet a fatal illness, not a moral issue, and Greysheet is my medicine. So learn to do healthy things with your family like doing puzzles together, playing Rummikub, or card games instead of snacking to the point of destruction.

The diet may not be a healthy choice for everyone. The Greysheet spells it out in black and white, and I have a sponsor to help me.

cambridge grey sheet | confessions of a compulsive overeater

The Rice Diet Plan Menu. Hello, The last line of page two of the Grey Sheet states: Nearly greysheeet far back as I can remember I wanted more sugar. If you have a medical problem, follow your doctor’s plan. Dextrose, fructose, lactose and sucrose are, in fact, sugar. The amount of food in pr. This is such a relief!