my google books my world viktor grebennikov. Mon, 29 Oct GMT my google books my world pdf – Search the world’s most comprehensive index. Viktor nikov’s insect antigravity. Grebennikov’s Cavity Structural Effect . (‘Flight’ from the book ‘MY WORLD’ by Viktor S. Grebennikov). Finally, in , Grebennikov built his gravity-plane and started flying by a noiseless aircraft, which A book called “My world” written by him in remained.

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When I move my head forward, I can already feel the turbulence of the wind that clearly smells either of sweet clover, of buckwheat, or of the colored, wild weeds of Siberian meadows.

Possibly, Grebennikov used not cone cells but symmetric ones in his design. When I came to my senses, I tied a few panels together with a wire and it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I sit there for five, may be ten minutes with no unpleasant sensations. Yet the humankind, if it ever earns the name of intelligent, will solve many riddles of the universe and will then overcome this hurdle too.

Leaf cutting bee larvae begin to phosphoresce, while adult bees are much more active in this field and finish pollination two weeks earlier than they would otherwise.

Too bad I can’t take my four-year-old grandson Andrei with me. Judge for yourself based on my diary excerpts, obviously simplified and adapted for this book. This effect is called gravity. Copy with abstract in English at RexResearch. In order to make them strong, the plates are made of sheet grebenniokv.

Thanks to pioneer works of the above mentioned scientists, it is possible to describe a design of two resonance aether devices, which Organic Fig. It really means nothing that I have a folded, incapacitated platform with gravitational, micro-cellular filter blocks in my backpack, along with the grebennikovv pole and the field regulators and the belt, with which I fasten myself to the pole.

As a result, the platform would change its vertical position in space to a horizontal one due to outweigh by the appeared wold. Grebennikov could not turn at small power of the vertical traction during take-off, landing and slowdowncould he?

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Those who have doubts are welcome to visit the Grsbennikov Museum near Novosibirsk and see it all for themselves. Please trust me, an entomologist with 60 years of experience. It gives me joy to see its special life every summer, to see its cinnabar-red, moist caps with large, whitish scales underneath.

If the correct scientific research problem of the human weight anomalies in various psychophysiological states was put and the equipment of dynamic monitoring of weight was created, we have received the quite objective information on this unusual phenomenon. There were no dents at any point and the cocoon worls no matter which way I rolled it.

Otherwise, the entire bee city all cut through with intersecting holes would simply collapse. Some clinical cases of non-spasmodic epileptic fits often result in a short-term reversible gerbennikov of personality people in such state are commonly referred to as “possessed”whereby a skinny, exhausted girl or a ten wprld old boy may acquire the physical prowess of a trained athlete.

It was oval-shaped, rather dense and non-transparent. The interrupted manuscript of this book had lied abandoned for two whole years because our generous, ancient nature had given me another something and again through my insect friends.

First, there is nothing to light in the sky.

Viktor Grebennikov

There is a borderline a few centimeters away separating “this” space from “that” on the outside. Due to the fact that it was multi-dimensional, I could not copy it in a flat drawing or a photograph. The cap could be made from cardboard or veneer, or better still from tin plate with tightly sealed seams.

I brake abruptly about forty meters from the ground and land safely where I always do, on a tiny glade in the Big Forest of the preserve.

Therefore, the bees and the weeds back at the lake had made a pact long ago and they are another example of the highest ecological expediency of all being. We are surrounded everywhere by cavities, large and small, surrounded by grids and cells of living and dead plants as well as our own cells. It is necessary to note that a head is heavier than legs while the legs, in their turn, are heavier than the platform – it is a gradient of the antigravity force!

The photographs confirm this. Cherednichenko of Russian Academy of Sciences. The evening is quiet and calm tonight.


Viktor Grebennikov – Wikipedia

Cover the bell end of the top funnel with a net or light blue cloth so that the tested subjects do not anticipate heat. Thankfully, they are quite common and I would have studied the phenomenon thoroughly.

I must confess that I consciously avoid people when in flight and that I, for this very purpose, bypass all cities and towns and try to pass even the cross roads and footpaths at increased speed after making sure there is no one there. The white light-emitting diode induces straight motion while the red one induces quick slowdown. The strictly vertical take-off and landing are very difficult and the initial trajectory is for the most part slanted, particularly at take-off, when the platform is for some reason carried off away from the sun and sometimes the other way around Besides, I can see that similar inventions have been made by other people who are also in no rush to take their discoveries to bureaucrats’ offices, who prefer to fly across night skies in the guise of strange disks, triangles, or squares which suprise eyewitnesses with their iridescent flickering Each tunnel had a solid row of multi-layered “cans” made from torn leaves, covered with concave lids also made from leaves.

A range of questions would narrow And the “Land of Insects” is still alive and well! During many years, he developed his methods so that a device with a size of a coffee mug located, accordingly, far from an ocean ship could change weather condition over a distance of many miles around it.

I submit that everyone has this capability.

I would like to point out that the text contains internal inconsistencies, particularly in the part which describes the flying. First, this is unlikely. The wall and furniture material also emanates CSE of certain parameters. It will dissapear with the destruction of the Phitonomus varnabilis beetle.

Articles devoted to this topic have been published in our magazine.