GA-EPUD3P – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: View and Download Gigabyte GA-EPUD3P user manual online. LGA socket motherboard for Intel Core processor family/ Intel Pentium processor. View and Download Gigabyte GA-EPUD3P user manual online. LGA socket motherboard for Intel Core processor family/Intel Pentium processor.

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Chapter 4 Unique Features Xpress Recovery2 Xpress Recovery2 is a utility that allows you to quickly compress and back up your system data and perform restoration of it.

Frequently Asked Questions Xpress Recovery2 will begin the backup process Figure Refer to the following for multi-channel speaker configurations. Insert the floppy disk containing the BIOS file into the floppy disk drive. Configuring Audio Input And Output Page janual after the “Continue extraction? Installing Chipset Drivers Note manaul positive and negative pins before con- necting the cables.

Updating The Bios B. Using The Sound Recorder Page 36 Hardware Installation – 36 The trademarks mentioned in this manual are legally registered to You can click the Install button on the right of an item to install it.

Page 88 Step 3: Finally, we suggest that you practice other environmentally friendly actions by understanding and using the energy-saving features of this product where applicablerecycling the ga-rp45-ud3p and outer packaging including shipping containers this product was delivered in, and by disposing of or recycling used batteries properly.

Page 47 DDR Write Training Allows you to determine whether to fine-tune memory parameters to enhance memory compatibility. Page 80 Power Saver is under the enable status, and power savings meter is unable to reset to zero.


Save and Exit Setup: System Restore Choose a system restore point using the navigation bar on the right or at the bottom of the screen to view the system data backed up at different time. In case system instability occurs, you may try to load Fail-Safe defaults, which are the safest and most stable BIOS settings for the motherboard. Date of Month Alarm: Before installing the CPU, make Page mqnual KB, KB, 1. Boot from the motherboard driver disk to access Xpress Recovery2 for the first time.

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P LGA775 Socket Motherboard User’s Manual Rev. 1001

Security Chip Configuration J Enables the security chip. Note the positive and negative pins before connecting the cables. You may connect your chassis front panel audio module to this header.

Select the two adapters and set up the Teaming mode based on your hub’s specifications. Mb Intelligent Tweaker m. Total Mode In Total Mode, users are able to see how much total power savings they have accumulated in When connecting a fan cable, be sure to connect it in the correct orientation the black connector wire is the ground wire.

When partitioning your hard drive, make sure to After the operating system is installed, right-click the Computer icon on your desktop and select leave unallocated space 10 GB or more is recom- mended; ga-ep45-ud33p size requirements vary, depending Manage. The user-friendly EasyTune 6 interface also includes tabbed pages for CPU and memory information, letting users read their system-related information without the need to install additional software.

Gigabyte GA-EPUD3P User Manual – Page 1 of |

Finally, we suggest that you practice other environmentally friendly actions by understanding and using the energy-saving features of this product Find the Q-Share icon on this icon to configure the data sharing settings.


Default Security Chip State Displays the current manyal in the security chip. When finished, go to Disk Management to check disk allocation. On the Connector Settings box, select the Mute rear panel output when front headphone plugged in check box. Manuwl you wish to connect two IDE devices, remember to set the jumpers and the cabling according to the role of the IDE devices for example, master or slave.

Gigabyte GA-EPUD3P LGA Socket Motherboard User’s Manual Rev. – Technoleros

Lift the metal load plate from the CPU socket. The graphics card, expansion slot, or monitor Check if there is display on your monitor. Unique Features – 76 After installing the audio driver, the HD Audio Manager icon will appear in the notification area.

Ensure that the cable is securely connected.

The following procedure as- sumes that you save the BIOS file to a floppy disk. Page – – Appendix Figure 8 Step 2: Teaming After you complete the setup, you will see the third virtual network interface.

Set User Password Page of Go. The LED is on when the system is operating. Resume by Alarm Determines whether to power on the system at a desired time. Most fan headers possess a foolproof insertion design. Allows you to set a delay time for the BIOS to initialize the hard drive as the system boots up.

Connect your microphone to the Mic in jack pink on the back panel or the Mic in jack pink on the front panel.