Get nutrition information for Fuddruckers items and over other foods ( including over brands). Track calories, carbs, fat, sodium, sugar & 10 other . Fuddruckers claims to make the world’s greatest hamburger — pretty big words considering the competition. Fans of Fuddruckers restaurant know that their tasty . Comprehensive nutrition resource for Fuddruckers. Learn about the number of calories and nutritional and diet information for Fuddruckers. This is part of our.

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Fuddruckers Nutrition Guide

Of course, that means they actually follow portion sides – easier at Fuddruckers but at Fazoli’s they are often off on pasta sizes. Fuddruckers offers a variety of cookies for dessert options. If I guess to high I could send him too low blood sugar wise inducing a coma. No fries, and just water to drink.

Fuddruckers Nutrition Guide | Our Everyday Life

And, just so you know, I had Chili’s for dinner last night The bottom of the menu page says: Fast food chains have absolutely no responsibility to advertise their nutritional information if that information can be readily compiled from publicly available sources.

Fuddrucers gas in your car. It’s no surprise that Fuddruckers isn’t exactly health food, but tuddruckers some smart choices you can enjoy a Fuddruckers meal and not go too far overboard. First of all, to the guy that said if you eat at Fuddruckers you are “off diet” My kids wanted to go to Fuddruckers for a treat the other night. Being in my late 50’s I need to watch what I eat.


Fuddruckers Nutritional Info

Here’s a solution for all of you griping about not knowing what you’re eating I like how you’re complaining about Fudd’s not providing nutritional information, but anyone who’s really obsessed about what they put in their bodies wouldn’t eat there ufddruckers the first place.

One Sandwich 6-oz Calories: I thought that it was mandatory for this information to be disclosed!!

I think it’s pretty bad because there are people out there that can only eat certain things because of things like diabetes and certain food intolerances. Its already required on the raw ingredients.

Take the Self Improvement Tour. HAve a great day! The only one you can blame is yourself. I can’t believe Fuddrucker’s hasn’t been sued for making kids fat, like McDonald’s was I know how unhealthy it is but I can pick and choose and correct him accordingly.

Fuddruckers is tasty but needs to be held accountable for what the hell they are serving.

So I was curious to see if I had made a wise choice. I’m very frustrated that there is no nutrition info available and don’t think I’ll return. I have to waive the bs flag here. Create new account Request new password. How to Effectively Interview for a Job. I think that is a white bun, but I’m not sure.


Everyone needs to learn how to make healthier selections at their favorite places. The garden burger comes out to be calories and 14 g fat. I nutrktion just started counting calories and fat. Damn for all that I could have been better off with a burger.

California is the only state that requires this information and it should be nationwide, for medical reasons alone! And no, I can’t and won’t email anybody the chart. I have a large collection of tips on for your Jewelry Rings.

Hamburger – No Bun Serving Size: I went in to Fudruckers today and the manager nutriiton able to give me very detailed nutritional info I count calories religiously in conjunction with a BodyBugg and usually take a scale to restaurants. It is so hard to let nutriition be a kid and eat places he wants when they won’t give me the nutritional information.