Zoe Marriott lives in Grimsby, Lincolnshire with two cats, named Echo and Hero, and the Devil Hound, otherwise known as Finn. FrostFire is her fourth novel. A literary and compelling story about war, revenge and first love from a talented fantasy een-year-old Frost has left her homeland to travel to the. FrostFire (Daughter of the Flames, book 2) by ZoĆ« Marriott – book cover, description, publication history.

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Frostfire / Zoe Marriott – Details – Trove

Ein tolles Buch, das mich von Anfang an gefesselt hat. I don’t know why but I couldn’t connect with the book and I wasn’t convinced by the love triangle. An der Liebesgeschichte hat mir sehr gut gefallen, dass sie nicht unproblematisch ist. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I love this book so, so much. While I enjoyed the romance between Frost and Luca, I wasn’t as invested in it as I would have liked and found myself wondering about Arian instead.

It’s new and original and creative. I’m really bad at explaining what books are about so I’m going to copy the Goodreads summary of this book: Both the heroes used to be heroines. The quality of the writing really stood out to me in the best possible way. If a character does not change over the course of a novel then what is the point of it? Frost is simultaneously a very strong character, who has pulled herself through a lot, and at the same time such a very weak and fragile person.


And I loved all the other characters as well – Luca, Arian, and Livia especially! Like Daughter of the Flame I eagerly awaited this book for a very long time, and it did not disappoint me even a little bit.

If you’re a fan of intricate fantasy, you must pick up a novel by her at once. The reason Frost was called Saram is linked to the story of her father, Ion is linked with Luca, Arian and Frost’s histories are similar Although the story focuses on Frost, these two change and grow just as much as her when she enters their lives proving that sometimes letting in outsiders really can turn your world around!

She has a way of adding lots of vivid details while keeping the action going and making me want to keep reading!

His connection to Frost felt stronger to me, marrioty Luca’s. I got my first publishing contract when I was twenty-two, but had to wait until I was twenty-four to see that book published it was The Swan Kingdom. Published July 5th by Walker first published June 21st One character experiences something that completely changes their entire personality for a time, and the reader is left shaken as the foundations that they are relying on are smashed apart and we are wondering if they can ever be rebuilt.

But what is love? All told, I would certainly recommend this book to anyone that wants a good read.

Interesting world, realistic characters and original ideas. That’s, like, a year’s time. Mar 01, janie love rated it it was amazing.


Over the coming weeks, under Luca’s guidance she begins to overcome the Wolf within. I was 13 when I first read this book and nearly 3 ye This book is truly my favourite and I feel with all my heart that it deserves 5 stars!

The Accidental Writer

What ensues is a captivating story told in the midst of beautiful scenery and it is ultimately a story of love and betrayal. However, in order to write a book you need more than half a story arc and a setting. May 15, Kat rated it it was amazing. Vor einiger Zeit habe ich mich bei Blogg dein Marriitt angemeldet.

The story was thrilling, a compulsive page-turner, all the characters were brilliant, I loved all of them. Und dennoch wunderbar romantisch.

Why did you do what you did at the end, Zoe? Frost, frlstfire at first scared and feeble, uncontrollable strength coming to her only when she is possessed by a dark battle-raged wolf.

In fact, every single character in the book changed sex at least once during the writing. I made radical changes to the characters and the story, and created an entirely different book which turned out to have a lot of other interesting to me! I loved reading all of these tidbits and wish more authors shared such “behind the scenes” goodies with us.