Indian J Dent Res. Oct-Dec;21(4) doi: / Endo-perio lesions: diagnosis and clinical considerations. Shenoy N(1), Shenoy . In the case of a combined endo-perio lesion, the endodontic therapy results in healing of the endodontic component of involvement while the prognosis of tooth . Endo – Perio Lesions: A Diagnostic Dilemma. Abstract. Endo-perio lesions primarily occur by way of the intimate anatomic and vascular connections between the.

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This article has been cited by. J N Z Soc Periodontol ; Rationale for the application of the GTR principle using a barrier membrane in endodontic surgery: J Indian Soc Periodontol.

A rational approach to treatment. Caries tooth decay Attrition Abrasion Erosion Hypercementosis tooth resorption External resorptionInternal resorptionRoot resorption.

Support Center Support Center. The most commonly used classification was given by Simon et al. However, lesions which are not true combined lesions, little or no improvement would be seen with the periodontal perspective after endodontic treatment, endopdrio a very poor and often hopeless prognosis.

A sequential approach in treatment of perio-endo lesion

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. BoxRiyadhSaudi Arabia. Clinically, a deep narrow pocket was found on the mesial aspect of the root suggesting the presence of vertical root fracture.

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In reality, it is a sinus tract from pulpal origin that opens through the periodontal ligament area. E Vertical Root Fractures. In this case, following endodontic treatment the periodontal ldsions did reduce to an extent on radiographic lesinos after 3 months but did not subside completely with no change in the clinical parameters.

The interrelationship between periodontal and endodontic disease has aroused confusion, queries and controversy. A bioactive glass particulate in the treatment of molar furcation invasion.

Endo-perio lesions: diagnosis and clinical considerations.

These lesions often present challenges to endopperio clinician as far as diagnosis and prognosis of the involved teeth are concerned. In others, periodontal pathology may create pulpal pathology.

Radiographic and clinical evaluation can help clarify the nature of the problem. Several authors, through their studies, diverge on the contamination routes. A vertical releasing incision was placed extending into the alveolar mucosa not closer than one tooth to the involved area, i. A deep narrow probing defect is ebdoperio on just one aspect of the tooth root.

Assessment of pulp vitality: Factors endoperip the healing response of intrabony defects following guided tissue regeneration and access flap surgery. Sinus tracing with gutta-percha cone showing origin of sinus at apex of 44 Click here to view. The 14 warning signs.

Another form of the interrelationship is because of the iatrogenic perforations due to either rotary instruments lesoons improper handling of the endodontic instruments [ 16 ].


Rotstein I, Simon JH.

A sequential approach in treatment of perio-endo lesion

Radiographic attachment in periodontitis-prone teeth with endodontic leions. Radiograph showing gutta percha when inserted though the sinus tract extending till the mesial root of J Am Dent Assoc ; Conventional therapy Lesiond Scaling and root planing Full mouth disinfection Full mouth ultrasonic debridement. But with the advent of new regenerative materials, however, successful periodontal treatment of such lesions has been possible.

Intentional re-plantation of a vertically fractured tooth repaired with an adhesive resin. It enhances bone formation by ionic dissolution of the ceramic particles such that the silica gel layer forms over the particles on contact with body fluids. Treatment and Prognosis of Endo-Perio Lesions. Clinical view of draining sinus in relation to 44 and 45 Click here to view. Periodontal healing in relation endoperip radiographic attachment and endodontic infection.

Periodontal and endodontic regeneration.

Principles and Practice of Endodontics. Parirokh M, Torabinejad M. Pathways of the Pulp. Nil Conflict of Interest: J Clin Periodontol ;9: