Find great deals for Behringer Edison Ex-1 Stereo Image Processor With Phase Meter Ex1. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Behringer Edison EX1 Stereo image ent condition, used in a home with manual and power supply. Thank you for your inquiry on the Edison EX1 The Edison is an audio processing device designed to enhance, correct, or remix stereo program material of any.

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Turning the TIMBRE knob left of center adds more odd harmonics, while turning it right of center adds more even harmonics. You may find that enhancing a cassette or CD recording for car listening will be worth the price alone. Retrieved from ” https: KNEE adjusts the soft limiting threshold point from hard limiting 0 dB to maximum soft limiting 10 dB. It also can reduce excessive stereo imaging effects.

A small adjustment can open up the mix or separate the instruments. The GAIN knob compensates for level changes caused by the effect. SIZE controls the perceived ecison of the space being created by the reverb. Remember, any effect it creates is derived from the original recording; it is enhancing or lessening the original recorded image.

Slider 2 controls the low frequency multiplier decay time.

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The Dual Guitar Amp allows the left and right channels to be adjusted independently. The machine can adapt which connector usage to true pro or consumer signal levels, it can be installed in a tape monitor loop.

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Rear is edion for drums due to it being less reflective. A third control again manipulates the mix of instruments to widen or narrow the presentation, but now this control either enhances the original ambiance to give the sound stage more clarity of ambiance field which again can be spread wider or narrowed.

Again, very useable to balance the overall sonic picture of the recording. The consumers listening taste and the quality or lack of quality in home Hi-Fi has changed drastically in only the last few years.

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Stereo Expander with phase-meter, adjusting depth of field, left-right placement The meters can also display band reduction or the SBC gain balance, and can display peak outputs.

The MIX control edisno you blend the source signal and the delayed signal. M creates a mono mix within the feedback chain. A fourth Control can adjust for tonal and ambient balance.

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Behringer Edison Ex-1 Stereo Image Processor With Phase Meter Ex1

This combination effect only takes up one FX slot. A master volume slider compensates for changes in volume caused by the equalization. The WAVE knob selects between 7 different wave forms — triangular, sine, saw plus, saw minus, ramp, square, and random. Slider 3 selects the Hi Cut frequency.


Use the swelling crescendo of the Reverse Reverb to add an ethereal quality to vocal and snare tracks.

When applied to electronic instruments, the Mood Filter can be used to emulate the natural sound of acoustic instruments. The Rotary Speaker provides more flexibility than its electro-mechanical counterpart, and can be used with a variety of instruments, and even vocals, to create a whirling, psychedelic effect.

The same adjustments are available for the high frequencies. This indicator is a good indicator of the trs quality “opening” of the MIX, notament for strophonie phase plutt rare these days. FEED adjusts the amount of feedback. edisoon

There are some truly exceptional speakers which reproduce a very convincing soundstage, but a poor recording will suffer just the same. PAN B sets the position of the third gain stage in the stereo field.

Adjust the resonance of the filter until self-oscillation with the RESO nance knob. When you need to generate maximum punch, clarity and detail, without turning up the overall volume, our enhancers are the solution. Welcome Using the wiki.