versions have appeared of a book entitled Clavicula Salomonis, Clavis Salomonis, and the like,^ of which quite a few purport to be translations from the Hebrew. Looking for Clavis Salomonis? Find out information about Clavis Salomonis. Ancient grimoire, or book of Ceremonial Magic. It is unlikely that this book. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about I†† – Clavis Salomonis at Discogs. Complete your I†† collection.

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Titled Clavis libri secretorum. It describes not the appearance or work of any spirit but only the necessary drawings to prepare each “experiment” or, in more modern language, magical operations. It also lacks some of the Christian elements found in Sl. By these then, and xlavis other most holy names which we pronounce against you from the bottom of our hearts, do saloonis force and constrain ye, if ye be yet rebellious and disobedient.

Similarly on these days and hours thou canst clavia to bring either good or bad fortune to buildings; to have familiar spirits attend thee in sleep; to cause good or ill success in business, possessions, goods, seeds, fruits, and similar things, in order to acquire learning; to bring destruction and to give death, and to sow hatred and discord. Experiment concerning things stolen Clavicula Salomonis filii David.

I conjure and entreat thee by thy Holy name to banish from my spirit the darkness of Ignorance, and to enlighten me with the Fire of thy Wisdom; take away from me all evil desires, and let not my speech be as that of the foolish.

The second table — names of the hours — is found in L p. A child employed as a clairvoyant in the operation; as is still the custom in some places in the East. I think this is correct, but the name is very indistinctly written in the MS.

Another curiosity involves the magical wand. The French manuscript K translates Lat. The fourth excision is chapter Afterwards thou canst cover this book with sacred sigils on a plate of silver, and therein write or engrave the holy pentacles. Figure 43, from Sl. The days and hours of Venus are good for forming friendships; for kindness and love; for joyous and pleasant undertakings, and for traveling.


Key of Solomon – Wikipedia

If they then immediately appear, it is well; if not, let the master uncover the consecrated pentacles which he should have made to constrain and command the spirits, and which he should wear fastened round his neck, holding the medals or pentacles in his left hand, and the consecrated knife in his right; and encouraging his companions, he shall say with a loud voice: A manuscript of this ca.

And so he deposited the Key, which Solomon preserved, in the ivory casket. In keeping with all of the manuscripts, I have expanded the clavis salomonis lists of Psalms to include the opening words. Furthermore, thou shalt circumscribe about these circles two squares, the angles of which shall be turned towards the four quarters of the Earth; and the space between the lines of the outer and inner square shall be half-a-foot.

While constructing clavvis circle, the master should recite the following Psalms: If ye come promptly and voluntarily, ye shall inhale our perfumes, and our suffumigations of pleasant odour, which will clavs both agreeable and delightful unto ye.

We have already said sufficient regarding the solemn conjuration of spirits. And if the experiment requires an image of wax, or any other material, you must prepare it specially as described in the chapter on the same Book II, chapter Unfortunately Mathers does nothing to elucidate or even acknowledge the puzzle.

Figure 39, from Sl.

Gollancz: Mafteah Shelomoh / Clavicula Salomonis

Then you may begin to perform the said experiment, which you may complete at any sslomonis that has been noted, but if the time and day are not mentioned, use those discussed in the chapter on the hours.

I exorcise ye anew, and powerfully conjure ye, commanding ye with strength and violence by him who spake and it was done; 6 and by all these names: The rest of this sentence is in L only. I am especially interested in hearing of additional Latin and Italian manuscripts. Clavis salomonis show them the holy pentacles, and ask of them what thou wilt, and thou salmonis obtain it; and having gained thy purpose, send away the spirits, saying: Come ye then by the name and in the name of SHADDAI, which is that of God Almighty, strong, powerful, admirable, exalted, pure, clean, glorified, virtuous, great, just, terrible, and holy; and by the name and in the name of EL, IAH, IAH, IAH, who hath formed and created the world by the breath of his mouth, who supporteth it by his power, who ruleth and governeth it by his wisdom, and who hath cast ye for your pride into the land of darkness and into the shadow of death.


But before commencing any operation whatsoever for the recovery of things stolen, after having made all necessary preparations, thou shalt say the following oration: Figure 13, from M Mathers inserts salomoniz Introduction from L at this point.

Key of Solomon

Where Psalms are referred to I have in all instances given the English and not the Hebrew numbering sa,omonis them. Salomonia 33, from L, pg. I conjure ye, and I command ye absolutely, O Salomoni, in whatsoever clavix of the Universe ye may be, by the virtue of all these Holy names: But if they appear not yet in answer to the above conjuration, and are still disobedient, then let the master of the art or exorciser arise and exhort his companions to be of good cheer and not to despair of the ultimate success of the operation; let him strike the air with the consecrated knife 30 towards the four quarters of the Universe; and then let him kneel in the midst of the circle, and the companions also in their several places, and let them say consecutively with him in a low voice, turning in the direction of the East, the following: The book from whence I transcribed this was writt by an Italian, and in a very good hand.

In Latin and Clais. This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat Thou, O Lord, who hast made both Heaven and Earth, and hast measured them in the hollow of thy hand; thou who art seated upon the Kerubim and the Seraphim, in the high places, whereunto human understanding cannot penetrate; thou who hast created all things by thine agency, in whose presence are the living creatures, of which four are marvellously volatile, which have six wings, and who incessantly cry aloud: