The most famous and popular edition of Chopin’s works prepared by I. J. Paderewski, L. Bronarski and J. Turczynski. The edition has been based primarily on. (The following text was automatically transcluded from Category:Paderewski, Ignacy Ignacy Jan Paderewski 3. 3 Ecossaises, Op No.3 (Chopin, Frédéric). I used to think Paderewski was the only good Chopin edition, but then I found out about the Ekier edition. I own five Paderewski editions and.

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Chopin National Edition Vol. This version is also considered a standard that is used and promoted by many piano teachers.

She said that the urtext editions are not necessarily more accurate or the first editions. Sorry about the links. Help keep the forums up and running with a donationany amount is appreciated! The Henle Verlag Urtext draws its edition from paderewxki credible sources, such as autographs, copies, and early printings.

Chopin National Edition 9A, Vol. But I haven’t used that book because I’m not at the level to play any of the Ballades yet. Click here to see a sample of the best edition for Chopin Piano Sonatas. I have the Henle urtext edition of Chopin’s Nocturne Op 9 No 2 and the Paderewski edition and the Paderewski edition has much better phrasing whereas ;aderewski of the urtext version I found the phrasing to be broken up and the line is choppy.

Complete Ballades, Impromptus and Sonatas. This book contains the 24 etudes from Op. Chopin National Edition 30B, Vol. Some pianists say that it is THE edition to end all others, other pianists don’t like it.


Terez, Pardon me if I don’t know if I shouldbut aren’t you getting the cart before the horse? Click on the following link to see an example of the Dover Chopin Polonaises and Nocturnes. Or by becoming a Subscribing member! TerezMar 23, Click here to see a sample of the Henle Chopin Piano Concerto.

The Best Editions for Chopin Fantasies are ranked from top most recommended to bottom least recommended. Best Editions for Chopin Impromptus are ranked from top most psderewski to bottom least recommended.

Although I do have a bad print copy of the Parerewski where there’s streaks through the notes and black ink which is really annoying. Also, I have noticed something on Sheet Music Plus a while ago. Also yeah, I looked at the Henle editions of Chopin a bit and honestly like Paderewski better.

My copy of the Paderewski ballades came out clean, so it is possible to get a good copy. There are some mistakes in it here and there that have been updated in later editions not later prints of the Mikuli, but actual separate editionsbut it still stands as an important point of reference.

Concerto in E Minor Op. Yes, I’ve heard people complain about them occasionally. Regards, BruceD – – – – – Estonia It’s only a matter of time and dedication. Click here to see a sample of the best edition for Chopin Scherzo. Some people like laderewski Henle editions of Chopin, but I don’t like them much.

PWM -Księgarnia Nutowa, Chopin, Cw (Ed. Paderewski)

Utwory Wydane Za Zycia Chopina. Click here to see the best edition for Chopin Nocturnes. Apparently she said at the time many composers produced and kept editing their own scores so she saw the Chopin urtext as not necessarily an accurate representation of what the composer wanted.


Hi, I quote myself here: Since I did it at Adelaide, Australia Home Page: He’s helped a couple times and really I think he is the foremost expert on Chopin. Scherzos Henle Music Folios.

New Topics – Multiple Forums. The best editions for Chopin Preludes are ranked from top most recommended to bottom least recommended. They don’t agree with some of the editorial decisions regarding the sources. Most paderews,i jazz standards for beginners by mrdfw. Log in or Sign up.

Chopin Paderewski editions [ Re: Click on the following link to see a sample of the Schirmer Chopin Etudes. Click on the following link to see a sample of the Dover Chopin Ballades and Impromptus. The extra money that isn’t going towards an urtext edition would probably be worth it for the Paderewski editions though. Chopin National Edition 5A, Vol.

On differences of Chopin editions

Please Pass It On! The Dover Edition would be a better buy it terms of price and similar quality. I haven’t examined that many of the urtext Chopin pieces though, so maybe not all of them are like that. Cortot edition Chopin Ballade Op.

Michiyo has already pointed out some of the problems with the idea of a Chopin urtext. Mar 19, Messages: