9 Jul Welcome to ‘s Learning the Basics with Chief Architect. Chief is a Head on over to Chief Architect website and watch their beginners video. . Using X2 – We show you all the tricks for making a Bay Window. 7 Jul I have been putting together a book on Chief Architect X3. I am writing the book in the form of a tutorial. I beleive that this Chief Architect X2. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of Chief Architect, Inc. or custom libraries on your computer that you created using Chief Architect X2, this This House Design Tutorial shows you how to get started on a design project.

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Plan View Panel in Layout. Using the Reference Display Layer Set. Stretch Zones and Planes. Draw custom sloped ceiling tjtorial and sloped soffits, and how to model coffered, tray, and suspended ceilings. Kitchen electrical plan for the KBI project.

Adding Stairs to Your Plan. CA focuses on the individual actions what icons do whatyou focus on how to get Chief arfhitect build whatever is needed for the real world project at hand and how to do it efficiently. Merging Polylines that Overlap. Drawing a Barrel Roof. Creating Fully Editable Cross Sections.


Distributing Objects Along a Path or Region. Selling the Job – Defaults and Preferences.

Creating a Plan From a Template File. Setting Defaults for Your Plan – Part 4. Join Date Jan Posts Creating Custom Tile Materials. Finishing and Refining Interior Walls. Learn how to customize materials in order to create an accurate Materials List used to estimate material costs.

I am sure Terry is writing the book to help AND to make a fair exchange for his creative labors. My book on Manual Roof Tools arfhitect not made me rich but has well compensated me for the time it took to create and publish it relative to time.

Zooming, Panning and Using the Aerial View. Text and Arrow Tools. Positioning Walls Precisely Using Dimensions.

Chief Architect X2 Step by Step Series

Remodeling View List 16 Videos. The Dialogs that Influence Roof Design. Creating a Terrain Perimeter. Join Date Sep Posts Creating a Hip Roof with Curved Eaves. Setting Platform Depths – by Floor or by Area.

The first chapter’s title is “Getting to Know Chief Architect”. The Chief Architect Interface.

Chief Architect Training Videos

Drawing Concrete Choef with Sloped Risers. Multiple Wall Framing Layers. A copy would be great thanks, it all helps. The time now is Lots of good time saving tips thanks!

Chief Architect X2 Step by Step Series

Working with Multiple Windows and Tabbed Views. Account and Other Information. Locating Roof Plane Intersections.


I want to thank Dan Baumann for making all this possible. Library Catalogs and Content. If anyone is interested in looking at the first chapter of the book it is about 50 pages I can provide it too you free of charge.

Join Date Jul Posts 1. Importing and converting 2D CAD data into a usable plan, tracing over an image or PDF document, or creating an as-built mask as just a few of the processes that can be used to help create a remodel plan.

Create complete construction documents by sending plan views, elevation and camera views, or detail views to a layout page. Importing Terrain Elevation Data. Learn how best to use the Project Browser to organize and access the various components of your plan and layout files, and how to use the Library Browser to place objects from Chief Architect libraries, import or save custom objects to your own personal library to be used later or in other plans.

I would appreciate a copy as well.