With CFFORM, you gain the advantage of access to these Java applet-based controls without having to know the Java language, and, you don’t have to juggle . cfform. Builds a form with CFML custom control tags; these provide more functionality than standard HTML form input elements. cfform>. cfform();. I started out with cfform back in the day, but eventually wanted to do more robust things (validations, etc) than cfform was able to handle. That forced me to learn.

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Creating data grids with the cfgrid tag cfinput Equivalent to the HTML input tag, with the addition of input validation. I also have a problem with Adobe’s insistence on making you have to hack cfform. If ccfform method is post, the form posts to the page identified by the CGI. Ciaran yes, but htmlEditFormat is what cfinput uses.

The following table lists attributes that ColdFusion uses directly. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Building tree controls with the cftree tag. For Flash format forms: The tag does not use these attributes, but includes them in the form tag that it generates and returns to the cform.

Creating Forms with the CFFORM Tag

Creates a tree control. Several of the tags do not have HTML counterparts, and others directly support dynamically populating cfforj control from data sources.

You can also retain the data if the action page has a copy of the form, and the control names are the same in the forms on both pages. All of these control tags require that the browser is JavaScript-enabled. ColdFusion downloads and installs the browser plug-in if necessary. For HTML format forms: Apply the skin located in the specified path.


Some browsers display a single permission dialog box asking you to confirm the plug-in installation. Like Henry said in his response and I’m paraphrasingif it works for you, use it. Displays a selection box. Some custom control tags that you can use within this tag t the client to download a Java applet; they might execute slightly more slowly than using an HTML form element to get the same information. Applies only for onSubmit or onBlur cftorm has no effect cfofrm onServer validation.

Creates a Java applet-based control that lets users enter data by moving a slider. The cftree completePath attribute must be set to Cvform. I always felt the code behind this should be open sourced so people can evolve it forward independently.

Creating custom forms with the cfform tag

Creates a grid cffom to display tabular data. Just know its limitations, and decide for yourself. Used in Flash and XML format only; adds horizontal rules, vertical rules, and text to the form. The cvform tag in the CFML Reference cfform Creates a container control for organizing and formatting multiple form controls. Not supported in Flash format forms. Because the controls use JavaScript to return data to ColdFusion, if you disable JavaScript in your browser, it go properly run forms that contain these controls.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If for some other reason, however, the browser is unable to render the controls as requested, a “not supported” message appears in place of the control. If you specify a default value for a control, and a user overrides that default in the form, the user input is preserved. Depending on your cfdorm, that might be fine. In Flash format, if you do not specify height and width attributes, Flash reserves browser space equal to the area of the browser window.


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Creating Forms with the CFFORM Tag

Creating custom forms with the cfform tag Search. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. If you specify a value in quotation marks, you must escape them by doubling them; for example: The width of the form.

Specifies whether to include support screen readers in the Flash form. Specifies whether to display a progress bar when loading the Flash form. If you omit this fo and the method is get, the form cfflrm to the page identified by the CGI. Actually, there are lots of appropriate tools for each job.

CFForm vs Form in Coldfusion – Stack Overflow

When you couple ColdFusion with jQuery, you let all hell run loose, which is totally awesome! All controls are in Flash format. The height of the form. This tag requires an end tag.

Building drop-down list boxes cfslider Creates a Java applet-based control that lets users enter data by moving a slider. When the cfform action attribute posts back to the same page as the form, this determines whether to override the control values with the submitted values.

Do not apply an Ccform skin. So I guess I’d say one big drawback is that you’re restricted to what cfform can handle. Email Required, but never shown. The method the browser uses to send the form data to the server: