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Once again it seemed that another romance author committed literary misandry by creating less than interesting heroines because the hero gets all the attention.

Sigue al autor

Dec 23, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: It really is very violent. What should be the happiest days of his life turn to ashes in his mouth and Styxx is again left with nothing. Both human and Daimon. Too many books in this series spoiled me enough. To add insult to injury, those first six-hundred pages which was supposed to take place eons ago read more like Survivor or Big Brother set in some ancient time.

I expected it and wanted it to be as good or better than Styxx, so I was expecting a lot of the plot points tackled in past books to be explored and further developed here.

Not explanation on how Apollo got away from his captivity.

Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #22) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Bethany is turned into a statue. To protect the ones you oscurls. Her talent of creating tortured heroes goes beyond any other authors I know.


Her name was Bethany And then the author goes and makes Phoebe whose relationship with Urian actually gets explored in depth and it’s believable the bad guy of the book. Kenyon did everything imaginable she could think up to hurt and humiliat Thank the gods I lived through this.

He is awesome in this story and I can’t wait for him to have his own book. Thank you for making my life miserable by reading this book. Want to Read saving…. He was listening to the insults of his father, his mother and his sister and he never talked back. The main hero spends most of his time getting raped.


The number of senators and other people who went along with the rapes of Styxx and Estes schemes without his father actually knowing or the lack of rumors. Because when you connect his book with Styxx’s book, there is no telling who was wronged more. Because this is a long book and it is completely packed with events and feelings. And it is not a nice world. As Plato said, be kind to everyone you eknyon for we sherrolyn all fighting difficult battles.

I’ve read all the books, and over the past week I re-read Styxx and every book that came after it just so I would be caught up for Urian. In some ways, I was more emotional. In reality, how could either one of them give any other human being trust, considering every single person in their lives had let them down in some way or another. Sep 04, Ms. Does this tell you anything?? Especially when the author has squandered pages of her book and now needs to scurry around to pull a happy ending however ridiculous from out of her sleeve in the remaining 40 pages.


The unsupervised punishments were also a question mark.

If Ash was a real life person I’d have slapped some sense into him but I won’t get the satisfaction. I’ll read this book cause I have to see where Sherrilyn is going with this series It essentially throws out everything Ash thought he knew about his brother.

There was so much unnecessary violence towards him that at oscjros point I wanted to skip all pages just so I could move on with the BS. Pretty cazaxores with what I got.

I wanted Styxx to die so I didn’t have to read anymore of this book. She wasn’t unnecesarily cruel but she was no pushover either. There should have been an equal balance, but there wasn’t.

Introduced during “Dragonmark” – Is Tiyana Deveraux alive or trapped in another dimension? Kenyon for rising up to the top.