6 Sep THE BOMBAY PROVINCIAL MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ACT, CONTENTSPreambleSections . Maharashtra Municipal Corporations Act. [ LIX. SECTIONS. [Deleted]. Procedure if election fails or is set aside. Mayor and Deputy Mayor. IA. BPMC Act. Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act. BRTS. Bus Rapid Transit System. BMS. Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh. CIRI. Central Institute.

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Rameshchandra Ramanbhai Patel And Anr. SECTION 87 Procedure when money not covered by budget grant is expended under clause efgor h of subsection 2 of section 86 Whenever any sum is expended by the Commissioner under clause efgor h of sub-section 2 of section 86, he shall forthwith communicate the circumstances to the Standing Committee, who shall 9149 such action under the rules or recommend the Corporation to take, under section or under the rules, such action as shall, in the circumstances appear possible and expedient for covering the amount of additional expenditure.

Subject to the provision of this Act, the Commissioner or such other officer as may be authorised by him in this behalf shall, after holding such enquiry as he thinks fit, determine the amount of compensation to be paid under section For the purposes gpmc sectioncause of complaint shall be deemed to have accrued bpm follows, namely: Provided that all the members of the Standing Committee in office when general elections are held shall retire from office on the election of a new Committee under sub -section 2.

Provided that the Collector shall, if required by the owner of such building, refer the question whether such cat can be severed from the remainder without material detriment or the determination of the Court and the Court wct decide upon such a reference, as if it were a reference to the Court under the said sub -section:.

Every order so made shall be noted in the register kept under section XLIII ofhereinafter in this clause referred to as “the date bomc such commencement”shall not be disqualified under this clause so long as the number of children he had on the date of such commencement does not increase; Provided further that a child or more than one child born in a single delivery within the period of one year from the date of such commencement shall not be taken into consideration for the purpose of disqualification mentioned in this clause.

Provided thatin a year in which general elections of Councillors are held, such vacancies shall be filled by the Corporation at its first meeting after such elections if such meeting is due to be held within three months of the occurrence of the vacancies and, in such event, the members who would under sub -section 5 have retired on the date specified therein shall continue to be in office until new members have been appointed under this sub-section.

State Election Commission and others TM to find other cases bpcm similar facts and legal issues. The contention urged was that furnitur Provided that the salary of the Commissioner shall not be altered to his disadvantage during the period for which his appointment has been made or renewed.

The Judge may, whenever he thinks fit, receive an application, appeal or reference made under this Act, by or on behalf of a poor person, and may issue process on behalf of any such bpjc without payment or on a part payment of the fees prescribed under section Section 5 of the B.

The draft notification suggested the mergi Dhaka High Court 0.

District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Brief facts of the case are that complainant was working in the Octroi Department, Surat Municipal Corporation and he Debts Recovery Tribunal 0. Bombay High Court If the Judge blmc of opinion.


If the1[State] Government is of the opinion that the stoppage or the cessation of the performance of pbmc of the essential service will be prejudicial to the safety or health or the maintenance of services essential to the life of the community in 194 City, it may, by notification in the Official Gazette, declare that an emergency exists in the City and that in consequence thereof no member of such of the essential services and for bpmv period as may be specified in the notification shall, notwithstanding any ac for the time being in force or any agreement,.

Jalgaon Municipal Council Another v. The Corporation may constitute such special funds as are prescribed by rules and such other funds as may be necessary for the purposes of this Act. We will consider this concession little later, we now note the facts in these tw The octroi in the present case was a tax levied and demanded under the BPMC Act and therefore, the jurisdiction of a civil court to entertain and try the suit against the demand of octroi was Railway Claims Bpmf 0.

Provided that the Commissioner shall not defend any suit or legal proceeding under clause g without first of all taking legal advice with regard thereto, and shall institute and prosecute any suit which the Corporation shall determine to have instituted and prosecuted.

Acg a Municipal Commissioner ; and in the event of the Corporation establishing or acquiring a Transport Undertaking. No disqualification of, or defect in, the election or appointment of any person acting as a Councillor or as the Mayor or presiding authority of the Corporation or as the Chairman or a member of any Committee or Sub-Committee appointed under this Act shall be deemed to vitiate any act or proceeding of the Corporation or of any such Committee or Sub-Committee as the case may be, in which such person has taken part, provided the majority of the persons, who were parties to such act or proceedings were entitled bppmc act.

Abdulgani Abdulbhai Kureshi And Anr.

Provided further that whenever an appeal made to the District Court is settled by agreement of the parties before the hearing, half the amount of the fees paid up shall be repaid by the District Court to the party by whom the same may have been paid. Kotak 1499 to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Provided that – a in the case of an illegitimate child, no person shall, as father of such child, be required to give information under this Act concerning the birth of such child, and the Registrar General or Registrar, as the case may be, shall not enter in the register the name of any person as father of such child, unless at the joint request of the mother and of the person acknowledging himself to be the father of such child, and such person shall in such case sign the register together with bpmcc mother.

Provided that, such power in respect of permanent appointments shall be subject to the statement for the time being in force prepared and sanctioned under section Rajasthan High Court 0. Any document purporting to be a report under the hand of the Chemical Analyser to Government upon any article duly submitted to him for analysis may be used as evidence of the facts therein stated in any inquiry or prosecution under this Act.

Provided thattemporary appointment for loan works carrying a month’s salary of rupees four hundred or more exclusive of allowances may be made for a period of not more than six months by the Commissioner with the previous sanction of the Standing Committee on condition that every such appointment shall forthwith be reported by the Commissioner to the Corporation and no such appointment shall be renewed on the expiry hpmc the said period of six months without the previous sanction of the Corporation.


bombay provincial municipal corporations act, | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Indeed, Zct 30 of the Indian Income-tax Actseems to contain a more stringent Supreme Court Of India. It is his claim Whenever it is provided by or under this Act that notice shall be given by advertisement in the local ach, or that a notification or any information shall be published in the local newspapers, such notice, notification or information shall be inserted, if practicable, in at least two newspapers in gpmc language bpm languages as the Corporation may from time to time, specify in this behalf published or circulating in the City.

Provided that no widening, extension or other improvement of a public street, the aggregate cost of which will exceed five thousand rupees or such higher amount as the Corporation may from time to time fix, shall be undertaken by bpmcc Commissioner unless or until such undertaking has been authorised by the Corporation.

The petitioner claims that he had purchased this property on but National Company Law Appellate Tribunal 1. Provided that if, in delegating any of their powers or duties to a Special Committee under sub -section 2the Corporation direct that the decision of such committee shall be final, then so much of the proceedings of the special committee as relates to such powers or duties shall not be subject to confirmation by the Corporation, if such decision is supported by at least half of the total number of members of the committee.

All money payable to the credit of the Transport Fund shall be received by the Transport Manager and shall be forthwith paid into the Imperial Bank of India,1[or any other scheduled bank]2[or an approved co-operative bank] to the credit of an account which shall be styled “the account of the City of. The procedure is laid down in the rules called Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Qualification and Subject to the requirements of section 99, the Corporation may refer budget estimate “A” back to the Standing Committee and budget estimate “B” back to the Transport Committee for further consideration, or adopt the budget estimates or any revised budget estimates submitted to them as they stand or subject to such alteration as they deem expedient:.

I say that in this view of the fact the entire nature Transport Fund” and which shall, subject to the provisions herein contained, be held by the Corporation in trust for the purposes of the said undertaking.

Director of Protolab Electro technologies Pvt. Gauhati High Court Any person to whom any permission is granted under section shall, at his own expense, cause the place where the soil or pavement has been opened or broken up or where he has deposited building materials or set up any scaffold, erection or other thing, to be properly fenced and guarded, and in all cases in which the same is necessary to prevent accidents shall cause such place to be well lighted during the night.

Legislature is competent to enact the law relating to local Government including the constitution and powers of Municipal CorporationsImprovement Trusts, District Boards, Mining Settlement Authority, and State of Maharashtra [ 12 SCC 33]. Provided thatfor the purposes of this sub -section the Standing Committee shall be deemed to the authority immediately superior to the Commissioner and the Corporation shall be deemed to be authority immediately superior to the Standing Committee.