Blood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin, book 2) by Amanda Bonilla – book cover, description, publication history. Buy a cheap copy of Blood Before Sunrise book by Amanda Bonilla. “She needed a bargaining chip and this was it. Raif’s daughter’s life for hers. And he knew. REVIEW: Blood Before Sunrise by Amanda Bonilla. If you love Urban Fantasy, then this series deserves a spot in your immediate to-be-read.

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Review: Blood Before Sunrise by Amanda Bonilla

Her boyfriend, Ty is attacked and things only begin to worsen from there The author has created compelling characters, a great storyworld and gives us an edge-of-you-seat reading experience. He paused at the doorway and looked over his shoulder at the thin, dirty girl sitting on the pristine baby-blue comforter. Then, magically, it’s in her pocket, even though ebfore has been kidnapped by the villains and thoroughly searched.

I will say that when all said and done before I read this book I couldn’t understand Tyler and Darian’s relationship. I liked seeing more of Xander. Originally posted at PaperbackDolls. Darian spent the first half of her life as an abused wife. Blood Before Sunrise boood very well written and a great read.

For months, Darian and her Shaede guardian, Raif, have searched for the Oracle who attempted to overthrow th She needed a bargaining chip and this was it.

Really wished I hadn’t waited about 2. Loss is something very familiar to Darian and Raif befoge everything to her, so she vows to help bfore his daughter whether he wants the help or not.

She just learned there were other supernatural creatures in the world a few months ago and now she thinks she can roll about solving all her problems without knowing anything. And when a brooding and mysterious Fae warrior offers his guidance—at an extraordinary price—Darian finds herself willing to risk everything.

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Darian is still stubborn and ajanda does things that put her safety at risk.

Dang it, we have to wait until ny the next installment! Though nothing would have stopped me from becoming one with the shadows and traveling under the cover of darkness, I liked walking with Ty.

He is one of those characters that really believe his craziness making him even more dangerous. He’s supposed to be Azriel’s father, so that would, I guess, make him Darian’s father-in-law, but as soon as he meets her he starts making his moves in a kind sundise shuddery perverted-bad-uncle kind of way. When she’s not writing, she’s either reading or talking about her favorite books.

Sheena readingvixen l Goodreads. It never took much for Ty to break down my defenses, and the thought of spending the rest of the night naked and twined around his magnificent body beat the hell out of standing on the cold, rain-drenched street for another second.

It all leads to hlood interesting twist that reveals a purpose and obligation that Darian never knew she had. Blodo a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

It could mends hearts, break them, and bend the very fabric of time and space.

There’s also some physical abuse that may be upsetting to some readers. You will be the instrument of destruction.

Review: Blood Before Sunrise by Amanda Bonilla (Shaede Assassin #2) | Vampire Book Club

It is an instinct that many people fail to break. His temper and jealousy was sure entertaining and he really was trying to figure things out. Definitely a great place to meet a villain. But something in Darian tells her Delilah is telling the truth. To conclude, as I said, this book was really beautiful and now I really want to accelerate the time to read book 3. I think she even goes out of her way to make more mistakes. Together with Raif and Xander’s men, they are searching for the If you are a fan of Urban Fantasy and you have not tried the Shaede Assassin books, you are really missing out.


Raif has easily slipped into the role of Darian’s best friend, fierce protector and all around badass. I would classify this book as a character growth book. When it all comes out, it was one of my favorite parts of the entire story.

It bowed to no one, and could bring you to your knees for the right person. I’d say I want her dead, and I do, but I really don’t care about her and I finished this book by straight up super skimming.

I had no idea what had gotten into Tyler, but I could almost hear the predatory growl, the low rumble of a wary bear. That’s like trying to learn a foreign language and using a bilingual dictionary as a doorstop. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Comment. The ending left me heartbroken, and yet fulfilled because without those actions from a particular character I would have lost all respect, therefore as much as the ending hurt it was fitting.

His magical displays were very impressive. Even a kick-ass heroine needs help from time to time.

Her lover keeps her well hidden, telling her that she and he are the only of their kind in existence. It was so sad to see what it generates on their relationship. I really enjoyed that the readers get some more bbonilla on him and he has become one of my favorite characters.

Blood Before Sunrise

One thing I got a little tired befkre was Darian doing what many UF heroines do, runs off to fight the “world” by herself.

Join the Club Enter your email to subscribe: Brow quirked, I waited silently for his answer.

Seriously, I was bummed when she met her demise!