Three curses. Two brothers. One love triangle. Sometimes love is meant to be. But sometimes love is the death of you. Seventeen-year-old Scarlet has just died. Wiki about the Archers of Avalon series. Anew, Awry, Avow. Gabriel Archer has a voice form her past, and Scarlet’s determined to remember why. by Chelsea Fine includes books Anew, Awry, and Avow. See the complete The Archers of Avalon series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and.

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She remembers two things: They’re so fine, they blow my mind. My heart and soul shattered into a million tiny pieces as we learned the truth of what happened in the past. I especially love their past, Chelsea Fine wrote it in flashback but whenever she wrote their past it connected to their present. Something has changed avalln time. Being honestI really loved him in s but not so much in present time.

It makes this story so much more than the normal love triangle! Water from the Fountain of Youth is the only thing that can save Scarlet and her loved ones. The dialogue is witty and hysterical. What a wonderful, hot, passionate – Tristan cleared his throat. He was kind of selfish and I wanted to hit him more than a few times for how he treated Tristan.


Because nothing is right in the world until Hunter can be with his Scar again. Other books in the series. I breathed a little easy when she finally pulled her head out of her ass.

Buddy read with these really amazing girls: I read a lot about male character who thought that he is dangerous to female character, his love interest.

I was passionate about both of themwhich is just amazing. Awry did not fail me as a sequel. I love the last page Back to Scarlet, she is still dating Gabriel.

I’m speechless right now. Fine took this storyline to higher awesomeness. He doesn’t pretend doesn’t want or need Scarlet so keep pull her away but keep meet her coincidentally.

It wouldn’t be rational, right? Why I always have questions?

Archers of Avalon Archives » Page 2 of 4 » Chelsea Fine

The PNR element also becomes even more complex when a new threat emerges, forcing Team Awesome to go all kickass in an action packed climax as everything snowballs into all out and somewhat weird chaos, allowing Scarlet to reveal her inner badass.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Don’t worry, not you. Retrieved from ” http: For more of my reviews, please visit: So what will you read next? You know how in some series, the second book can sometimes be a little This series just got better!

Archers of Avalon, Page 2

This book picks up immediately at the point of the devastating cliffhanger at the ending of book 1 — Anew — and the emotion poured into the first few chapters is staggering! And, might I add that the curse seems to be evolving…making itself even more archsrs, especially for Tristan who suffers more than he should…and, oh, how my poor heart suffers with him! Awry is definitely worth rereading.

And as she explores this, there are some major consequences that give the story a massive twist. Wow, I never saw that coming!