AR , Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives. b. . Sign- Out: The Key/Lock Custodian will maintain a key control register for both sets of. PHYSICAL SECURITY OF ARMS, AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVES. AFVA-3BD 07 June MEMORANDUM FOR PERSONNEL CONCERNED. SUBJECT: Key Control SOP. 1. References: a: AR b: AR

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If ammunition is stored in the arms room, is the ammunition continuously accounted for through the use of hand receipt control, as required by ARpara 2? When not in use or under the surveillance of a responsible person, are all portable hand tool, tool sets or kits and shop equipment stored in a secure location or if nonportable are they secured to the building or van in which they are located as required by ARpara c?

All others hatches will be secured from inside. When a key is lost or missing, the padlock will be replaced immediately.

Are completed key control registers retained in the unit files for a minimum of 90 days, as required by ARpara b? Is the SF being retained in the unit for at least 24 hours after last entry? Are keys inventoried semiannually, as required by ARpara e? Are M, and series vehicles and CUCV secured by immobilizing the steering wheel and activating installed door and ignition locks as required by ARpara e 1 c?



Is the Security Construction Statement, dated within the last 5 years, posted on the interior of the arms room as required by ARpara d? Ensure that all vehicles leaving the motor pool for a road test are properly marked i.

The same person will not conduct this inventory in consecutive months. Are change of custody inventories being conducted and annotated on DA Form as they occur as required by ARpara e? A written record of the inventory will be retained until the next inventory is conducted. Cintrol there a bilateral storage agreement, as required by ARpara c 1?

After Duty Hours Key Security: Security lighting includes exterior and interior lighting which cannot be accessible turned off to unauthorized personnel.

Security Of Arms, Ammunition And Explosives

AR Appendix D 5. Log and report only those vehicles with deficiencies, i.

Command Policy on Privately Owned Weapons 1. The roster is maintained on AGO Form Is the exterior door to the arms room secured with a high security padlock and high security hasp, as required by ARpara 42e 1? Is the clear zone of the perimeter fence kept clear of weed, rubbish, or other material capable of offering concealment or assistance to an intruder as required by ARpara b and FMpara b 1?

Yes or NO d. This memorandum will remain on file in the Arms Room for 2 years no discrepancies or 4 with discrepancies I have verified the information in the memo. Create your own flipbook.


Security Of Arms, Ammunition And Explosives

The gate guards will control the gate access at all times by checking the dispatch of ALL departing vehicles see enclosed example of authorized dispatch. Corrections to serial numbers on the inventory sheet will be noted and corrected prior to the next monthly serial number inventory.

As a minimum the gate guard duty requires ONE guard per day. The results of the test will be recorded on the posted DA Form R.


The company armorer will store privately owned weapons and ammunition separately from military weapons and ammunition. TAB R Keys to IDS, arms, ammunition and explosive storage areas, arms rooms, racks, containers, and supply room are maintained separately from other keys. Ensure all wall lockers used to store weapons and ammunition are modified by braiding or welding the joint and rivet bolts, are secured with two Af locks and heavy duty hasps. Is it dated within the last three years as required by ARpara e 3?

Record the results of the 190–11 on an informal memorandum. Are material handling equipment secured by immobilizing the steering mechanism or by locking the transmission in the neutral position as required by ARpara cobtrol 1 d?