Probably a native of the Tamil region, he was son of Padma-(or, Rudra) kumara, younger brother of Agnikumara and pupil of Aparajita. One Hara- datta, who. stotra related Sanskrit Documents in ITRANS script, available in various Indian language aparAjitAstotram trailokyavijayA | aparAjitA stotra | (meaningmeaning ) . dakArAdi shrI dattasahasranAmastotram | dakArAdi shrI datta sahasranAma . shrImahAgaNapati pa~nchakam by Dattareyanandanatha. .. Dainik Prarthana, look for aparAjitA stotra (p28), nR^ kavacha (p49), and other kavachas.

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Gajendrakrita Astottarasata samskrit, 6. Not fully Sanskrit composition, but with apabhramsha. The endangered Brown Hornbill Anorrhinusausteni and Rufous-necked Hornbill Aceros nipalensis are the two birds that Datta has been studying pictures below. Browse around in the rest of the book and Devanagari Mudrakshare lekhanakala.

Dr. Aparajita Datta – Wild Shades Of Grey

Translated Literature of Vidhushekhar Bhattacharya There is more to Vemana padya not yet translated. The messenger is a wanderer whom the Gopis have begged to go to Krishna in Mathura. However, I believe that conservation must be fair, equitable and morally defensible.

This has a few brahma-stotras, rarely found. Hornbills were reported from 70 PAs. It’s newer version with Hindi translation of about 26 of them sanskrjt very useful.

Indian hornbill conservator Aparajita Datta wins Green Oscar

Minor Works of Nilkantha Dikshita Ed. Aparajita is spreading knowledge apaeajita the needs of hornbills and their importance, as seed dispersers, in the maintenance of healthy forest ecosystems. The stutis to include are in chapters Aparajita who started her work from Namphada is passionate about plant-animal interaction. Each shloka is pertaining to each name of Lalita from Lalitasahasranamam, almost like meaning in a shloka form.


This consists of short essays all in Sanskrit on various topics related to Jyotisha. Translated Literature published in Sanskrit Pratibha. List of popular shlokas to be added and verified in allshloka with meaning collection. Vedic-reserve does not include: Translated Literature of Durga Prasanna Bidyabhusan There is elaborate Sanskrit commentary.

Poetic beauty of Krupana, Debatar grasha, Pratinidhi, Panarakhya, Avedan, Vandibira, mastak bikraya, swamilabha, sparshmani. Malcolm CairnsPublished by Routledge. Vijnanashatakam, 4th Shatakam by Bhartrihari with Sanskrit commentary, and Sanskrit text with Gujarati translation.

Some references are 123and 4 Meghaduta of kAlidAsa. He has taken 4th line of Meghaduta as Samasya and and written slokas to complete the samasya. Shifting to settled cultivation: Nilakantha Dikshita by Unni N. Rajwade includes manuscript collection of Sanskrit stotrasVedanta, GitaSanskrit textsPujaHridaya-mantrakavacha-mantraet ceterea. Most research and conservation efforts are often focused on single or few species within protected areas. Shodashi Tantra Shastra by Pt.

Dr. Aparajita Datta – Wild Shades Of Grey

Complete works of Vasudevananda Saraswati Tembeswami 1. Translated Literature of Shyamapada Bhattacharya There exists a remarkable tolerance among our rural communities towards wild animals, despite the danger to aparsjita and even to their own lives that they often face from wildlife.


Would you like to help to digitize the missing stotras from this site? Raghavan and published at Venkateshwara University, Tirupati.

Nature Conservation Foundation

Translated Literature of Dhirendra Nath Mukhopadhyay I have often battled with many dilemmas. According the the following article, Maha Subhashita Sangraha is the work of team of scholars. Some of the short stotras are marked. Arriving at the Pakke Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh in North East India in to study the impact of logging on arboreal sznskrit including squirrels and primates, her attention was instantly captured by the charismatic hornbills and she went onto study them for her PhD.

This is a commentary on names of Shiva. Each has many stotras and relevant information http: It was then that the other guide got scared and coughed loudly. Leave a Comment Please Login to comment. Translated Literature published in Satyanandam.