Papers of Alphonse Mingana (), scholar and curator of oriental manuscripts. Includes proofs of the index of his catalogue of his collection of Middle. Alphonse Mingana. Language of Material. English Amharic Arabic Armenian Coptic Georgian Hebrew Turkish Ottoman Persian Syriac. Physical. Alphonse Mingana (born as Hurmiz Mingana; Syriac: ܗܪܡܙ ܡܢܓܢܐ , in at Sharanesh, a village near Zakho (present day Iraq) – died 5 December

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Gorgias Press is an independent academic publisher specializing in the history and religion of the Middle East and the larger pre-modern world. Member feedback about Alphonse given name: Other Woodbrooke fellows, including Lootfy Levonian, an Armenian born in Turkey who was a fellow of Woodbrooke, may also have acquired manuscripts for Cadbury.

Inthe custodianship of all archive collections held at the Orchard Learning Resources Centre was transferred to the University of Birmingham, and is now housed at the Cadbury Research Library: It is truly magnificent!

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Mingana Collection – Wikipedia

Born the twin daughters[1][2] of John Smith of Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland, they learned alphonee than twelve languages between them, and became pioneers in their academic work, and benefactors to the Presbyterian Church of England, especially to Westminster College, Cambridge.


It contains a collection of 13 critical studies of the Qur’an written over the alphonss two centuries by historians and scholars of the Middle East: The Islamic manuscripts include fragments of Kufic Qur’ans, Qur’an commentaries, Hadith, law, and mysticism.

Member feedback about Giwargis I: Liberal and progressive movements within Islam Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

He lived at the time of the fifth Umayyad caliph, Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan. Divided into four parts, the book mingwna an examination of the Qur’an.

The Middle East Experiencepresented by a young Many of the manuscripts were bought from monasteries and private libraries in these regions. Other Finding Aids Please see online catalogue for further details. Manuscripts by collection University of Birmingham establishments in England.

Mingana Collection

Like the majority of Assyrians in the Zakho region, his family belonged to the Chaldean Catholic Church. Member feedback about List of British Iraqis: But he was ill-advised enough to support the rebellion of a son of Seljuk Sultan of Hamadan, who in response marched against Baghdad and forced the caliph to take refuge in the eastern quarter, initiating the Seljuk siege of Baghdad A number of the manuscripts he returned with formed the basis of the Mingana Collection at A,phonse.

These collections now form part of the University’s Aphonse Collections Department and are available for mingan at the Main Library on the University’s Edgbaston Campus. He authored the hadith collection known as Sahih al-Bukhari, regarded by Sunni Muslims as one of the most authentic sahih hadith collections.


Alphonse Mingana

He was ordained in and spent the next ten years studying and teaching at the Seminary. Cadbury Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Lists of people by nationality Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Navy chaplain and Medal of Honor recipient. Their acquisition may have been influenced by his wife Dorothy Alphnse or by Cadbury’s enthusiasm for gaining greater insight into the culture of the Muslim people with whom Quaker missionary work was concerned.

Alphonse Mingana, Papers of – Archives Hub

Newest First Title Price: Member feedback about What the Koran Really Says: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some manuscripts also appear to have been bought in Britain as they are marked in pencil with a price in pounds sterling.

The Mingana Collection is made up of: Many of the authors here are of Christian alpphonse, yet there are also Jewish, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, Communist, and secular points of view.

Archive Record Table of contents.