Diode Supply Sections User’s Manual (DSU) EN ABB Oy. All Rights Information (EN code: ) and for the ACS in Hardware. ACS Single Drive Manuals. HARDWARE MANUALS (appropriate manual is included in the delivery). ACS/U1 Hardware Manual to kW. ACS Firmware Manual. Crane Control Program (+N) application guides as well as this manual can be found and downloaded from ABB IHMM.

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Excessive input choke temperature Stop drive. Check for proper earthing of equipment.

Reduce load or increase manul time. Check inside of cabinet and heatsink of converter module for dust pick-up. Communication fault between pulse encoder and pulse encoder interface avb and between module and drive Fault in external device.

Check panel connection see appropriate hardware manual. Output bridge of converter unit is faulty. Check for main supply imbalance. Upload function of panel has failed. Replace control panel in mounting platform.


Replace Fan I did replace the cooling fan with one from our spare drives. Check adequacy of motor braking torque. Check connection of brake acknowledgement signal.

Operating range limits are set by parameters This warning belongs to ID Run procedure. Check fibre optic cables between APBU and inverter modules. Check supply voltage level, drive rated voltage and allowed voltage range of drive. Parameter lock is on. Panel reset may take up mannual half a minute, please wait. Check value of fault limit. Interesting- does the VFD actually prevent the drive from starting when the fan run-hours reach a certain limit?

Check liquid cooling system.

Informative alarm Check Fault Function parameters. Reload firmware to control board. Check main and additional cooling fans.

Abb acs replace fan – – Interactive Q & A

Check filter fan rotates in correct direction and air flows freely. November 20th, And this reference will depends of the logic inside in PLC program. All times are GMT Is there any method to reset this counter either than using the PC Tool?

In case of configured Find More Posts by Milspecelectrician. No upload function has been performed. Sorry about delay, parameter Check that fan rotates in correct direction and air flows freely.


With frame sizes R2-R6 link is galvanic. Overtemperature in AINT board of inverter module.

Check external devices for faults. June 14th, Informative alarm Check parameter Click here now to try it. Please read this important info!!! Check motor and motor cable including phasing.

Open parameter lock see parameter See appropriate hardware manual.

Support Centre

October 1st, Modules installed in cabinet by user: Let it cool down. Check connections of motor temperature measurement circuit. Motor identification Run is on. X 1…12 refers to inverter module number. Check resistor and resistor connection. This fault protects IGBT s and it can be activated by short circuit at output of long motor cables. See appropriate drive hardware manual. Best regards, Hristo Mihalev.

And then take a look at Abb1.